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Thread: Bear hunting

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmerted View Post
    Silly fuds need to get a long bow as even a Hawken rifle is too modern.
    A nice polearm planted on the ground would have suffice against any bear charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldRanger View Post
    People really should watch that morons documentary. He actually thought he was 'One with the bear'. Which eventually he was. He lived near them and kept approaching them. It was just a matter of time before he got eaten.
    A Minigun wouldn't have helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renderit View Post
    HAH! I am currently watching a National Geographic show on the tube and they say the pics of the corpse are BS. The poor person was most likely involved in a Indian sub-contient tiger attack and the first bear rates somewhere around 145th largest but got blown up on the interweb as the world record.

    Not sure where you thought I said it was a world record. I said Big Bear. I think a 12'6" 1,600+ lbs Bear qualifies as BIG. The Bear was killed by an Airman in Alaska. Another source says it was a 10.6" 1,200 lbs Bear. Killed by an Airman same place. You decide. Its still a Big Bear either way. In the field if you want to get a rough but pretty accurate Height of a Bear you measure the tracks width. Each inch roughly equals 1 foot in height.

    Subject: Alaskan Hunting Story (JPEG: Alaskan Bear & Paw) This bear was killed by an airman from Elmendorf on Hitchenbrook Island. The bear stood 12'6" and estimated over 1600 lbs. The airman was walking to his hunting area and the bear boy stood up only 35 yards away. The bear dropped down and charged straight for the Airman. He unloaded his gun and the bear fell 10 yards from him. Another source says pretty much the same thing except it didnt charge.

    I would say this story has been passed around and around on the internet. Some things have been added or left out. The pics dont lie though. Its a Big Bear.

    The picture of the Corpse may or may not be whats left of the BEAR Man as he called himself. I found it online somewhere that said it was him. Either way he ended up in the same condition. Dead and eaten. Or was it Eaten then dead? Eaten alive and then died while he was being consumed. I think that best describes what happened. Any of those are not a good way to go.
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