Brand new SCAR 17s unfinished bolt carrier with signs of rust

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Thread: Brand new SCAR 17s unfinished bolt carrier with signs of rust

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    Post Brand new SCAR 17s unfinished bolt carrier with signs of rust

    i just bought and love my new SCAR 17, but when i opened it up to clean the factory crap off it i noticed the bolt had an unfinished look to it and small signs of rust to come. Its on the top so i figure if i keep it clean and oiled it will probably never be an issue since that part doesn't come in contact with anything.. Any advice out there, my gun smith said itwould probably be more of a pain in the ass to try and get FNH to do anything?? thx for any input, I'm including a pic.... J IMG_9816.PNG

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    Looks like something happened in the finishing process. It should have been caught by QC since you can see it from across the room.

    It won't affect function, but after spending 3k on a gun, I'd be less than impressed. Call FNH, they'll replace it. I got them to exchange a bad mag during the 2013 mag drought. Took 4 weeks.
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    It's just some discoloration in the finish. Bought mine last year and it looks exactly like that. 1200 roilunds later, not one speck of rust.

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    I wouldn't worry about that.
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    Mine looks close to that. I haven't had any issues. Mine has been soaked too.
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    It's finished in a manganese phospahte.

    The differing shades are an artifact of the heat treat.


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    I asked that question several months ago:
    Partial finish on the bolt?

    According to sarge
    Quote Originally Posted by SgtStrykerUSMC43 View Post
    Differing hues due to the (spot) heat treat process. The dark areas are harder due to the wear and stress those areas are subjected to.

    Makes sense to me. Especially considering how common it seems to be.

    I would get a second opinion about the rust tho.
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    If it buffs out then it's rust. If not then it ain't rust.

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    I have the same lighter grey coloration on mine, normal, I do not have those few darker spots in the lighter area as yours appears to have but that could just be oil or cleaner.

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    mine looked similar, no problems yet

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