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Thread: Scar 17 deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaiahM33 View Post
    I got mine about 6 months ago for $3,000. I'm almost...ALMOST...considering selling it. Not because I don't love it. I'm having some issues that may require the selling of my SCAR 17S.  I'll keep you updated...

    Edit: Yes, it is FDE.
    I also got my 17s for about 3K about 4 months ago. Some of the extra cost was the guy at the gunsmith shop who ordered it professionally inspected and cleaned it and he sighted the rifle for me. I joked with him and said "man you prolly just want to shoot it!" And he told me "son, I have 4 SCARS each with a different purpose so yours ain't nothing I haven't seen." Lol! I respect the hell outta that old man! 😀

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    Quote Originally Posted by C'yotecaller View Post
    Yeah what happened. I am in the same boat. Over Labor Day weekend there was a deal online for $2459 shipped for a Scar 17. While there was at least 10-15 for sale on gunbroker in the $2500-$2700 range. I got on there today and there is only 3 FDE for sale on gunbroker! 3! WTF? And the other is at $2700 but "Reserve not met". What the hell happened?
    There was a micro panic buy after the Cali terrorist attack...I mean workplace violence.
    Black Rifles Matter

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