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Thread: FN Scar Upper Color questions..

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    Quote Originally Posted by trident187 View Post
    Mine's green. I dig it.
    So jealous.
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    I have to 17's. One is a light goldish color, the other is darker brownish color. I like the darker myself.

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    I wouldn't worry about the color, the variations aren't that extremely different that it makes a difference.

    With the current political climate, I wouldn't worry about what color your rifle is, whether FDE or Black. If the SHTF, you can spray it any color Krylon that you want.

    I wouldn't get rid of my SCAR unless it was absolutely necessary, and would cut back and save or sell some other stuff off now if you think you'll need the money for other obligations. With the chance of Hillary getting elected, the prices of SCAR's will be going up for now, especially due to supply and demand.

    Before I'd worry about color, I'd be worrying more about buying ammo, magazines, some spare parts and a second SCAR. They are imported, and with a Clinton possibly getting in office an import ban could make a lot of guns become like the earlier pre-bans overnight.

    It's all about priorities.

    That being said, here's my two SCAR 17's.

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    Howdy! Welcome! Can't help on color, but I would suspect the price to soar if Hillery gets in. And then we'll have to hide them to prevent confiscation.

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    i cant believe it varies that much. its nuts, but i dig it.

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