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Thread: My new to me Scar 17

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    Congrats on your new SCAR 17. Interesting you have those PWS rails on your SCAR 17. I know it came with it as you bought it. Plz allow my 2 cents on them. I too have them on my 17. When I bought them, there were only a couple choices out there on rails for the SCAR. I have contemplated going with a new lighter version of rails because the PWS adds 8 ounces of weight on the end of the rifle. I have decided to stick with the PWS rails in spite of their weight though. My reasoning: I don't really need a rail extension unless I want to shoot off bags at the range. So I generally run my SCAR without the rails, but I leave the extended yolk on that secures the rails itself to the rifle. It's only 4 screws to put the rails on, or remove them. I can do it in about 2 minutes. The barrel can also be removed with the PWS rails and or just the extended yolk on. And I don't need any extra parts one would need to mount accessories using the MLOK or Key Mod rails. I find the PWS rails to be very durable too. The down side is the weight, and I understand why ppl choose the lighter rails. But the freedom of running the SCAR with or without them with such ease of taking them off or on really appeals to me. If the weight of them on the end of the rifle bothers you, try taking just the rails off, leaving the yolk on, and see if my way of thinking might appeal to you...Some may think the PWS are out of style, but it sure works for what I like.

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    Congrats on your new 17, they are a beast !

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    Great looking rifle.

    I recall a fond memory of the reaction to my braked SCAR: "My shoelaces are moving!"

    Said by a lady at a range table next to mine, on a beautiful summer day...
    "I prefer to think of myself as an equal opportunity defender. No biased consideration, just perforation with justification." - semiotto

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