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Thread: HELD the 509 today

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    HELD the 509 today

    trigger was pretty good... not stellar but good. Ergos good. Slide was pretty stiff to retract. Mag release? Deal killer for me. You have to push it all the way in for the mag to drop. Like way more than you should have to. maybe it could be modified but it's unusable for me as is.

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    i thought the mag release was decent except for it being ambi. with it sticking out the wrong side i dont have issue with it being stiff since its unlikely to popfree like other ambi pistols ive carried. i would have preferred a reversable mag catch. i dont like the ambi slide stop. but im not a fan of ambi controls. prolly dremel off the right side catch when i get one. other ambi catched guns i find are a pain in the ass when i set them down the slides or bolts like to slam shut unwanted. not sure if the 509 will do it that way or not. but first time it happens its getting dremeled
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    Don't you think the ambi mag release will loosen up over time just like the slide release?

    im really debating selling my fns9 with ns, holster and extra ported barrel to pick up a 509-- is that crazy? Figure I could make just enough to get the 509, and maybe enough to pick up a pair of hd trijicon to swap out.

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    I also noticed this with the two I've handled. Maybe just new.

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