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Thread: New FNS9 / FNS40 Holster

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    New FNS9 / FNS40 Holster

    Thought I would share my experience with my new purchase a few months ago from Wright Leather Works out of Ohio. I was struggling to find a good leather OWB lefty holster that fit correct until I ran across their company online. I called them up and their customer service was helpful with anything I needed to have answered. I was trying to find a good leather lefty holster for my FNS40 and FNS9 and they make a pancake style OWB holster called the Predator that looks really good. Also I was looking for a double magazine holsters also that matched. I placed my order and they told be about a 10 week turnaround time, which I was ok with, and received it somewhere around week 9 in the mail. This fits both my FNS9 and my FNS40, so one holster for 2 pistols . Image is with my FNS40 in it and both mags in the magazine holster which is adjustable.

    predator holster fns40.jpg
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    I just ordered this as well for my FNS40. Tried a Galco Conceable and did not like how the slide stuck out away from the body. Was not pulled in nice and close. I also have a Vedder Quick Draw and it works very well.
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    I got Shamrock magnetic holster from the show. It looks great but it is hard to pull out of the holster. It looks just like yours.

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