4 Seconds: Why we practice and train (Attempted Robbery - it will shock you!)

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Thread: 4 Seconds: Why we practice and train (Attempted Robbery - it will shock you!)

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    4 Seconds: Why we practice and train (Attempted Robbery - it will shock you!)

    I just love the Clickbait Titles... but seriously..

    After Christmas, Attempted Robbery of a Georgia Pawn Shop

    This encounter changed in 4 seconds.
    This is why you practice. Because training and muscle memory can easily trump surprise and advantage.

    Bad guy had no chance. He was reacting. Which as you can clearly see, takes too long.

    Note well the .45 did the trick with the first shot. Ha! Take that, wimpy 9mm caliber! wink
    Clearly it was a heart/CNS hit. The wannabe criminal probably died before he fell backwards like a tree.

    (The smoke is the store Fire Suppression system going off)


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    I'm glad these two were unhurt and hope they don't face any malicious prosecution.

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    Never mess with an old dude with a gun. He seemed amazingly focused and composed throughout the confrontation. Makes me think this wasn't his first rodeo.
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    Hmmm - this one worked in favor of the good guys - never a "great" idea to draw on a person that has tactical advantage or weapon already trained on you

    Cant see the good guy as he presents his weapon ( but what it appears is he masked his draw (canted his weak side towards the threat - drew/1/3 turn/presented/fired - while both the 2nd good guy drew the assailants attention (even for that split second) and obviously surprised / no mental preparation / un-committed for the gun fight as he even takes a step back before the 1st round strikes him)
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    Damn! shame the glass in the display case got broke!

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    I know it is stupid to attempt armed robbery to begin with... but to try to rob a GUNSTORE... especially when there are two people behind the counter... and one guy looks like he eats nails and broken glass for breakfast? He looks like the real life 'most interesting man in the world' and you want to steal from HIM? Special kind of stupid, my friends... well, used to be.
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    Originally Posted by Ferris2son
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    Plus the quick reload and ready to fire again if needed.

    Glass case was broken by the shot from bad guy #1. either just a trigger slap or reflex squeeze because he just took one center mass.
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    Plus one for the good guys!
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    Makes me feel like I need to train more. That was just awesome on his instincts and reflexes.
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    We'll get respect back for the elderly yet !!!!
    My understanding is that pawn shops &normal shops w/ jewelry get held up frequently. There was a guy out on CA .... small owner family jewelry store ( him & wife ) were held up 3-4 times.... after the 2nd. He started knocking them dead. Heck it may be up to 3 SD shootings at this point. The store is still open !!
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