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Thread: Parents and Kids these days !!!

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    Parents and Kids these days !!!

    I was in a store which I will not name and a 9 year old boy was walking out the exit and as he exited the store the EAS alarm went off. This alarm goes off when an "anti theft tag" passes through and I am sure many have been interrupted when leaving a store and someone forgot to deactivate. So the alarm goes off and the boy stops because he is shocked by hearing the alarm. There is an associate at the door and the associate proceeds to look at the boy as he turns around and the boy is holding his chest. The associate walks up and the boy starts crying and the associate asks if the boy is ok. The boy says he is sorry to the associate as he is crying and pulls his hands off of his chest and a couple knives fall out of the boy's shirt. The boy repeats he is sorry and says that is daddy is waiting in the truck and made him come in and do it! We are all responsible for our actions but we wonder why society is deteriorating before our eyes.

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    So do you have two user names and cut and paste from your older thread or did you rip off someone else's story? You did say "I was in the store". Just trying to get a bead on what's going here exactly.
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    -Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith, Hope, 2001

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