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Thread: Music can and does soothe the soul...

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    Cool Music can and does soothe the soul...

    A week and a half ago by pure chance I reconnected with the guy who taught me how to play the guitar 38 years ago. His new band was playing at a restaurant where I was having dinner with my neighbors. From inside I could hear an unmistakable tone and technique that I hadn't heard for 34 years he's still an absolute freak and legend on guitar. Obviously I got up and went outside where the band was playing and sure enough it was him although 34 years changes us but he recognized my smile. Two hours later after the band had wrapped up their gig he and I caught up for another hour. He remembered how obstinate and stubborn I was because I simply wouldn't practice although he had always claimed I had a natural talent not easy to come by. One of the few major regrets in life I have is that I didn't practice as he had requested, who knows where I'd be now on the guitar but I play to make me happy and I make me happy when I play. Not bragging here but my voice was almost tailored at birth for Southern Rock 'n Roll and I can cover sing many a Southern Rocker to a "T". My old friend and guitar instructor from years gone bye knows well my voice and at 61 his isn't what it used to be anymore. He has asked that I sit in with the band at an upcoming gig in the Keys if I promise to play and sing one of the songs I'm known for. I've actually been practicing the hell out of it, what we would call back in the day "woodshedding" and I'm thankful that I still have it....somewhat.

    Years ago I had the chance to meet Rickey Medlocke in Ft. Lauderdale, if you know that name then you know of Blackfoot one of the South's legendary bands. The song is Highway Song, I need to get the vocals and second "lead" guitar down pat as I understand it my sister will be videoing the gig since it's at her yacht club and she arranged it. Who knew how strange life can be...

    For your listening pleasure I'm going to leave this right here.....turn it UP!!!

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