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Thread: Question about my next gun

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    Buy the PS90, SBR it and don't look back! It will ultimately lead you to the FsN anyway. The PS90 is a real hoot to shoot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by krider24 View Post
    In case you decide on the Fiveseven. Didn't seem like a bad price.
    I work at a gun range so I am going to see what kind of price I can get.
    But thanks.


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    I have the PS90 and I have no interest in owning the FN FiveSeven pistol. The grip's girth is a bit big for my hands and the gun just felt really cheap and cheesy - more like a KelTec than an FN.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KCook3 View Post
    Money is very tight, but Im Saving up for my next gun. Either a PS90 or 57 pistol. Any thoughts about which would be better. I own a AR style rifle and a 9mm Sig all ready looking for another gun. I have shot the 57 pistol and love it. Want my wife to be able to use. Mainly for home Defense but I could carry if I bought pistol. Any thoughts.

    Get the FN 5.7 pistol. I saved for months to get one and I love it. It would be perfect for the wife to use if you can get her to shoot it once, she's hooked!

    I CC my 5.7 to everywhere except church and school. Since I look and dress like a narc (so many people tell me), it just seems to fit me very well. I am very happy with the Five-seveN, get one!
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