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Thread: Laundry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by little_scrapper View Post
    Yep I remember that thread. Back then I was mostly just wondering if re-using those really blackened rags was problematic.

    Couple days ago I was reading an article that talked about lead contamination with shooters. It got me to thinking about the load of rags I just tossed in the washing machine. That other thread never really addressed this issues and maybe that should have been my question back then.

    I shoot just about every weekend and I clean after shooting. I also don't spare the cleaning rags. If I just toss them I would run out of free rags quick and I am cheap/poor. Maybe I just need to go more sparingly on rags and just toss them. Or like many others just hand wash in a 5 gal bucket with some dish soap and hang dry. Might be a better way to go.

    I suppose I could do a net present value of money cost analysis and see how the cost of soap and water compare to buying disposables. But who is going to pay me for that time? Then again if I just started to reload I could justify buying towels. lol
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    I'm shooting lead-free out of concern for lead contamination. For your clothing, the recommendation is to wash separately in cold water as soon as you get home. For firearm cleanup if I was shooting lead I would just stick to disposable cloths/patches.

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    My wife and I use paper towels and/microfiber disposables and a couple of dedicated towels as mats. Paper towels and disposables are disposable. When the towels need washing, we will hand wash in a bucket outside first then run the through the washing machine. If we used rags, then the same rules we used when we were breeding dogs. Rags, towels, old blankets are cheap at the local Salvation Army Store, thrift stores, yard and estate sales. Use em & toss em.
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    I use Scott shop towels, tough stuff that car mechanic shops uses.
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    I am starting to think that way also. I should just start tossing. That would solve both my problems.
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    This is why laundromats were invented. Add some OxyClean.

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