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Thread: I'm Willing to Compromise on Gun Control

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    Quote Originally Posted by shagster View Post
    Yeah, I wish I could even fathom a date at this stage. Early congrats though.
    Thanks, you'll get there, and good luck to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KameronTKelly View Post
    Quoted Hk SD9 Tactical

    "Let me make this perfectly clear. I WILL NOT SURRENDER ANYTHING MORE TO THE ANTI GUNNERS.

    We have been inundated with **** from them that is useless. No more. For those of you that are willing to give up whatever to appease the anti gunners, you are no better then them. Take your anti gun agenda and attitudes of surrender and leave. Go freaking live in England or Australia or where ever you think that you will feel safer, but be prepared for a surprise because none on the **** works in those countries either. A little at a time the anti gunners have been chipping away at our constitutional right to bear arms UNINFRINGED. You all need to look up what the hell "NOT INFRINGED" means.

    Over the last 50 years we have surrendered so much to these anti gunners. NO MORE. Not a freaking inch will I surrender to them.

    IT WAS NOT A GUN THAT COMMITTED THIS CRIME. I was a deranged ****head that should have been committed a long time ago. So NO, I WILL NOT surrender any more of my rights because some sicko committed this atrocity.

    CT has one of the strictest AWBs in this country and it failed miserably as all AWBs do. They do nothing to prevent the criminals from committing crimes.

    You want a solution, arm teachers. Put bullet proof glass in all classrooms. Put biometric locks on the doors. Make classrooms capable of being panic rooms.

    Leave my freaking guns and my rights to bear them alone. Putting more rules on law abiding citizens will do absolutely NOTHING to stop this **** from happening.

    Why don't you anti gunners look at surrendering your first amendment rights and get rid of these video games and stop Hollywood from glorifying mass murder. There is a solution, make Hollywood pay $500 million for each film that they put of glorifying mass murder. Use that money to put armed guards in NO GUN ZONES. Freaking problem solved.

    WTF is next, are you willing to give up your steak knife because it is pointed and can prick someone? "
    Right on, and well said.

    There can be NO Compromise with the anti-freedom gun grabbers!

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