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Thread: GEN McChrystal for Gun Control

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    You've got to understand something about the brass, although most of them have earned the right to be in elite military positions, it takes a 30+ years of politicing, maneuvering, and living the life of a super-bureaucrat in order to win favor into those positions. At some point, a lot of them become consumed, and there remains very little of the original man or woman when the layers are peeled back. Another problem I see frequently in DC is that the senior 06 to O8 officers get a solid 10-15 years of having their butts kissed by most everyone else, and sometimes that only makes it worse.

    When I see senior military officials sounding like elitist bureaucrats from Washington, it doesn't surprise me much. At some point in their career, for some of them, after a lifetime in DC, it's all that's left. Mcxrystals comments are an embarrassment, as was his departure.
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    Drone Strike Victims, graphic do not click unless you can handle it:

    Are we counting the hundreds of thousands killed in the invasion of iraq too?
    General McChrystal Admits U.S. War Crimes
    24. War Crimes of General Stanley McChrystal - Project Censored | Project Censored

    And no, i'm not a liberal. Obama is a war criminal as well.

    So that's proven, are you implying he is not a statist?
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