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Thread: Good Ammo News, Bad News, & a Serious Warning

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    Good Ammo News, Bad News, & a Serious Warning

    Good News: Utah Cabelas lifted its limit on ammo except for 22lr. You can buy as much as you want, no limit. They had a ton of 223/5.56. They had ammo cans of 1000 and 840 for less than 50c a round for PMC. They had hmr 17, 9mm, etc. They had 22lr this morning.
    Bad News: Cabelas is charging 30$ for Winchester 22lr 500 rounds. Walmart now charges $20 for Federal 22lr automatch box of 325. It used to be $14.47. I was shocked on this one. Also, the Utah walmart was limiting to just one box of any kind of ammo. That is one box total. He said that is what the district manager has requested, but there was no sign.
    WARNING: A few months ago, the DICKtator/President issued an executive order that has scared me. I have attached the article below and you can easily do an internet search to find info. The order is to study the voting problems that citizens have. It is a bi-partisan committee. Seriously ask yourself, “Why would he do this?” However, if you trust the government on this one you are a fool. The communists are trying to find out how much Republicans know and what are other loopholes they can use to steal elections. Write-in votes, triple voting, dead people voting, big upsets, especially of Rep Allen West in FL. If you think this is not possible, you are blind. Just think what has happened lately with the IRS, CIA, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc. So my WARNING is to have your long term ammo supply/gun supply a good six months before the 2014 election. That will be the next scare, be ready.
    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has signed an executive order establishing a presidential commission to address voting issues.
    Obama announced his plans to create the commission last month in his State of the Union address. The top lawyer for Obama’s re-election campaign, Bob Bauer, will co-chair the commission with the top lawyer for Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign, Ben Ginsburg.
    The goal is to address issues including long lines at the polls, voter registration and voter access.
    The order gives the commission six months after its first public meeting to submit a report to Obama about ways to improve the voting experience.

    If the Democrats win control of the House of Representatives in 2014, the Obamunists will do everything possible to take away “assault weapons” and backdoor us with hidden taxes and legislation that will make it more inconvenient for gun advocates. Like he whispered to Putin’s aide, he surely has whispered to gun controlling Nazis: “When we get control of the House, I will have more flexibility, I can do more.” Mark my words, we have not seen what he will try to do, just wait.
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    Nothing like throwing around flammable materials.

    I heard that the president is calling in the UN observers to insure the 'proper' election results.

    Hay, it's as likely to be true.

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    I don't understand why it's so hard to get 22's It's not like it's cheap anymore...
    AMP PS90 trigger install:
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    Jan. 20, 2017 Obama leaves.

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    because binks bought all of it before he went back to work

    Quote Originally Posted by SONYtec View Post
    I don't understand why it's so hard to get 22's It's not like it's cheap anymore...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SONYtec View Post
    I don't understand why it's so hard to get 22's It's not like it's cheap anymore...
    Watching the videos from CCI on the production process for .22 a couple of months back, I realized how much human labor is used making the rim fire ammunition. My guess is that the production is much more limited in numbers than the much more automated automated center fire ammunition. If CCI is still using this "human" method, automation must be difficult for the rim fire. I am seeing it on the shelves far more often than I did 2-3 months ago, it is just a little higher in price. I do not see the $.05/round anymore, but bought some CCI Stingers last weekend for $.07/round.
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    week before Newtown
    I picked up an ammo can of 22lr
    Cabelas $89 for 2100 federal plus the can is free...

    *** NRA Life Member ***
    Connecticut was the Cradle of the Gun Industry,
    NOW it is just a Pine Box,
    Courtesy of our Governor "Chairman MAO Malloy"
    Who now celebrates his second term of office
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