Will changing brake to a flash hider effect zero?

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Thread: Will changing brake to a flash hider effect zero?

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    Will changing brake to a flash hider effect zero?

    Will changing a brake to a flash hider or vice verse effect the zero of an optic? I'm going with no but I figured I'd ask those that are more knowledgeable than I.
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    Yes, I have had my optic's zero shift right to left, rifle optic was zeroed with a muzzle brake and swapped to a A2 flash hider the rounds impact shifted about about 2 1/2" to the left. Just for sh!ts and giggles I swapped the brake back on and it returned back to almost my original zero. This was the most shift I have so far, others have shifted less.
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    I'm glad that I asked, now I don't feel so silly. Thanks Tal!

    Something to do with pressure or torque differences between muzzle devices?
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    Barrel harmonics, gas expansion and conformity, etc. etc.

    Heck, even a weight difference between the two might affect it to some degree.

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    Yes. Just re-zero the optic.
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    When I saw the thread I thought...really???

    But to my surprise Tal proved my assumption wrong, it makes sense that it would, I just never considered it.

    On my last 2 guns that I had changed the F/H on I had to work on the guns so had to rezero.

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