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Thread: What were we shooting in 2013?

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    What were we shooting in 2013?

    2013 was an interesting year for shooters. After a couple of high profile shootings, the Obama administration started talking about banning guns which spurred one of the craziest ammo crunches I can recall in my lifetime. For most of the year popular calibers such as 9mm, .45 ACP, .223/5.56 and even .22 Long Rifle were nearly impossible to find. When you could find ammo, it could cost 2x-3xís more than 2012 prices. Some ammo, like .22 LR, is still nearly impossible to find and commands a premium when you do stumble across a box or two. Our ammunition selling friends over at LuckyGunner.com compiled a list of the most popular calibers for 2013 based upon traffic to their website. Letís take a look at the top calibers according to their analytics.

    Not surprisingly, 9mm tops the list by a considerable margin. If you follow my posts on TBS, youíll know Iím a 9mm kind of guy. It seems Iím not alone given the massive volume of 9mm ammo being consumed by follow shooters. Itís also not surprising that .223 Remington comes in second place. The little hotrod centerfire .22 is as American as baseball and apple pie and it feeds the most popular rifle in the U.S., the AR15.

    Was this years hunger for .223/5.56mm driven by fears that the government would ban the rifles that chamber it? Quite possibly, but based on data collected by LuckyGunner in 2012 the sales seem to be fairly consistent in terms of ranking. In 2012 9mm again took the top spot with .223 following less than 1 percentage point behind. If anything, 9mm sales took off like gang busters in 2013 while .223 lost a couple of percentage points. Another interesting tidbit of information is which states are consuming the most ammo. Check this out.

    Read more: What were we shooting in 2013? | The Bang Switch
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    For me it was about like this:
    45% .22lR (HAD a stash)
    35% .40cal (EDC)
    10% .9mm (wife's EDC)
    6% 7.72x39 (buddy's 556r. it's a blast!)
    3% 7.62x51 (got my 17 late in the year)

    Usually would have looked something like this:
    95% 5.56x45 (Black Betty)
    5% the rest

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    For me:
    40% 5.56
    30% 9mm
    20% 308
    5% 6.5 Grendel/264 LBC
    2.5% 22 lr I didn't have much of a stash. Should have bought a lot more of those 525 bricks @ $16 a piece before the 2012 election.
    2.5% 45 ACP (just got my FNX 45 Tac towards the end of the year and put 150 rounds through it before the end of the year)

    This coming year will be a LOT more 45 ACP and a bit more 9mm, probably a fair bit more 6.5 Grendel/264 LBC and hopefully a fair bit more 308. I think my 5.56 shooting might be down some this year because I have other things I want to shoot over my AR. And I really hope 22 lr becomes a lot more available soon.

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