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Thread: If You Could Only Have 5 Guns

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    If You Could Only Have 5 Guns

    Okay, just for fun.. If you could only own 5 guns what would they be?

    1. List guns (with caliber and accessories in parenthesis) from shortest range to longest range
    2. Since these are your only guns, try to cover the greatest range of situations
    3. Since these are your only guns, battle proven reliability and ammo availability counts
    3. These are guns you can actually buy at your gun store
    4. Conclude by justifying your choices

    The post with the most "thanks" will be put into a poll and we'll all vote on the best list!

    I'll Start

    1. Sig Sauer P226 MK25 (9mm with threaded barrel, Streamlight TLR-1 light and suppressor)
    2. Mossberg 590A1 Tactical Shotgun (12 ga with sidesaddle shell holder, Streamlight TLR-1 light and sling)
    3. Tavor (5.56 with Geissele trigger pack, Eotech red dot and magnifier, magpul foregrip, 9mm conversion kit and suppressor)
    4. FN Scar 17s (.308 with Eclan Spector DR, Atlas bipod, foregrip, QD IR laser, , Geissele trigger, supressor, PMM QD mounts etc.)
    5. Accuracy International PSR Multi caliber sniper rifle (.308, .300 wm. and Lapua with Schmidt and Bender scope, Thunder beast supressor, QD FLIR thermal imaging)

    All my choices were based on battle proven reliability. Starting with the Sig, there are a million choices out there for a handgun, the debate will never end. But, this is the one the SEALS go with... enough said. A shotgun is very practical for both home defense and hunting. The Mossberg covers all the bases. The Tavor is very compact, versatile and very reliable. It can be used in 5.56 and 9mm which are both very good and available rounds. Plus, the Sig is 9mm. The Scar17.. well you get it. The AA PSR can be converted to 3 prime long range calibers .308 (which works with the Scar17), .300 WM and Lapua) for long range. Ultimately, the ammo is what hits the target. My list offers 9mm. 5.56, 12 ga, .308, .300 wm and .338 Lapua. These five choices cover a lot of ground, but most importantly, they will go bang when you want them to and are built to last.
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    This is a neat thought exercise. Here's mine:

    (1) HK P2000sk 9mm. Trijicon NS. Concealability, quality, reliability. Ambidextrous.
    (2) S&W Performance Center R8. .357 Mag. Full-size wheelgun. I like revolvers, and I feel like my list needs a full-sized handgun.
    (3) Benelli Performance Shop Super Sport 12 ga. For general bird hunting, sporting clays, etc. Would accessorize with a mag extender and 18" barrel for HD use.
    (4) FN Scar 17s. Elcan Specter DR 1.5-6x optic. Vltor stock, Geissele Super Scar trigger, Stryker Enterprises EACH charging handle, Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling, Magpul safeties, etc. etc., Lantac Dragon brake. This is my SHTF/GOOD rifle.
    (5) Steyr Mannlicher SSG08 .338 LM. US Optics ER-25 5-25x. Atlas bipod. For reaching out and touching something.

    If I can have a 6th, it would be an FN Scar 16s, short barreled, suppressed (SilencerCO Omega), with an Elcan 1-4x. Otherwise similarly-equipped to #4 above.
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    Kev is online now
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    This shall be fun!

    1. Glock 19 (extended slide stop and mag release. Vickers floor plates. Trijicon night sites.)
    2. Ed Brown 1911 (Commander length, gold bead front site with u notch rear, recessed slide stop, flatten and serrate top of slide.)
    3. Scar 16 (SBR to 10.5" with Aimpoint Micro, Geisselle trigger and TD stubby. SDN-6 suppressor)
    4. Scar 17 (SBR to 13", Swavoski 1-6 BRT 2, Geiselle trigger and TD stubby. SDN-6 Suppressor)
    5. FN SPR a5M XP (Schmidt and Bender PM II 3-20x50 MSR)

    The SPR is the only firearm I dont have any time with but its definitely on my list. All the others were based off of user preference to what I feel most comfortable with and have the most rounds through.
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    1. FNX-45 Tactical FDE (suppressor, Trijicon RMR, ILWLP)
    2. Remington VersaMax Tactical (Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip with Riser, EOTech, white light with laser)
    3. SCAR 17 FDE (Trijion TA11e, ATPIL)
    4. Barrett M107
    5. M249 SAW
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    1. Wilson Combat CQB Elite (.45 with tritium front sights and speed sight rear)
    2. Benelli M4 (12ga with Raven Pack/Scorpion Recoil and Aimpoint T1)
    3. FN SCAR16s (5.56x45 NATO SBR'ed to 10.5" w/ a Geissele trigger, Magpul stubby vfg, Aimpoint T1, Surefire M720V RAID light, Saker 5.56 AAC51T MAAD Mudle)
    4. FN SCAR17s (7.62x51 NATO Atlas Bipod, ACOG TA11J-308G, Geissele trigger, Magpul stubby VFG, AAC 51T MAAD Module, Saker 7.62 Suppressor)
    5. Remington 700 Long Action .300 Win Mag, Lilja 26.5" Barrel, Nightforce NXS 8-32x56, Atlas Bipod, KA Suppressor, MIRS, McMillan A-2 Stock)

    #5 is next on my list to build, but after building 3+4, it might take a while for me! I went with .45 over 9mm just because I love the 1911 model and WC makes some of the best I've ever handled. It was a tough choice between an 870 and the M4, I just have preferred the feel of the M4's I've shot slightly better than the 870's (funny thing is I own an 870, but not a M4). SCAR's, not much else to say, I like the partial parts interchangability as well. #5 was a tough choice between a .338 Lapua and .300 Win Mag, but I'll go with the .300 on a Remington 700 chassis with the upgrades above for longer range encounters.
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    1. Five seven MKII, Sparrow Supressor, rail mounted light.
    2. PS90 SBR, Aimpoint Pro mounted on a Tros low mount, Extended Charging handle, short pull hammer, AMP Trigger, ERT sling, Suppressor.
    3. Midwest Industries 10.5" 300blk AR15, Leupold 1-4X SPR firedot, Saker 762, giessele SSA-E trigger, Magpul grip.
    4. Scar 17, Leupold MK6 3-18 illuminated TMR on ADM mount, 45 degree Offset trij RMR, shootingsight trigger, PMM QD mounts, Atlas bipod, Saker 762, Flir thermal optic.
    5. Desert Tech 300WM, Leupold MK8 3.5-25.

    The FSN and PS90 because they are compact, light recoiling, accurate and deadly. The 300 blk because it's versatile and can close to silently shoot 187+grain sub sonics. The Scar 17 because it's pinpoint accurate, Light recoiling for a .308 and lighter to carry then most other .308 semi autos. It also packs a hell of a punch. The DT 300WM because it can kill things out to 1K yards and is deadly accurate.

    I already have 4 of these (minus a few accessories I mentioned) because I made a list like this a while ago and set about getting them. I will probably have to settle for another 300WM platform because I can't see paying 5K for a DT. Illustrations.

    Desert Tech - MIssing in action.
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    1. Sig 226 MK25 9mm
    2. CZ Scorpion EVO SBR
    3. IWI Tavor IDF model
    4. Scar 17 with 6x Elcan Specter DR
    5. Sig Blaser Tactical II w/ S&B PMII 5-25X-56 with MSR reticle
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    1. Sig Sauer X5 Tactical 9mm (Surefire Ryder 9TI & Surefire X400 V IRc)
    2. Benelli M4 12gauge SBS 14" (Aimpoint T-2 & Surefire V2 Vampire)
    3. FNH Scar 16 5.56x45mm SBR 10.5" (Leopold DEVO, Surefire M720V RAID, & Surefire SOCOM556-SB2)
    4. FNH Scar 17 7.62x51mm SBR 13" (Leupold Mark 8 1.1-8x24mm CQBSS, Surefire M720V RAID, & Surefire SOCOM300-SPS)
    5. Desert-Tech DTA SRS-A1 338 Lapua Magnum 18" ( Schmidt & Bender PM II/P 12-50x56mm & Surefire SOCOM338-Ti)
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    Of Guns I own:
    1) Gock 17 chopped to a 19 grip. Threaded barrel, Octane 9 HD suppressor.
    2) Suppressed AR15 SBR in 300 blackout
    3) Saiga 12 gauge (imported in mil configuration - not a conversion)
    4) AR10 Precision rifle (franken build)
    5) Dedicated 22LR AR 15 with Suppressor

    If I could swap out the AR 10 to something I don't own... I'd go with an MRAD in 338 Lapua Mag.

    My thought process would be a handgun for general defensive work. A chopped 17 gives you the site radius and barrel of the 17 but the concealed ability of a 19.

    A well set up 300 blackout SBR gives you a lethal abiilty out to 250 yards with good ammo. It also gives you the ability to hunt deer size game. Penetration is superior to 5.56 and the short barrel keeps it small. SDN6 gives you Hollywood quiet level of noise suppression with subs and good noise reduction with supers... Good SHTF flexibility.

    A magazine fed shotgun gives you no end of flexibility. I can shoot birds with it. I can shoot slugs into cars and big animals. Buckshot for everything else. 8 and 10 round magazines work great. Mine came from Mother Russia as a LE sample, so it works great.

    A 308 rifle (or a precision bolt gun) gives you stand off capabilities and the ability to hunt big game. Both are useful.

    22LR AR for small game hunting. IF I can cheat and go multiple uppers on the 300 blackout, then I'd include a 22 upper for that.

    My uses are survival, hunting, defense, and enjoyment. My choices are all tough, all reliable, and I have spare parts by the case (glock armorer) and hundreds of magazines. I also have suppressors for everything but the shotgun. Which is handy.
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    In order of importance for me,
    #1. Ruger 10/22, stainless, with small 1-4 power scope(if I could only have 1 firearm, a .22lr would be my first choice, carry lots of ammo, and lightweight)
    #2. Kimber Pro Carry .45 with crimson trace green dot grips(This is currently my carry gun, and after over 1000 rounds if has never failed to fire when the trigger is pulled, I TRUST it)
    #3. Remington 870 Mag 12 gauge pump gun with short slug barrel and long barrel with multiple chokes(3 inch mag chamber will digest any load I want to fire, and 2 barrels will cover any need I have of the weapon)
    #4. Quality AR build with M4 length barrel in .223, flip up magpul sights and furniture, and eotech sight(I would like a shorter suppressed barrel, but the non suppressed 16" barrel will make trasporting from state to state much easier)
    #5. M1a scout rifle with 4x leupold scope(the scout feels like a good comprimise of long/short barrel for this weapon, and once again, I own one, have shot it a lot, and trust it)

    I do realize that none of these weapons are FN products, but I own all of these currently, they work, and I trust them to do what I ask of them.
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