I did not see a section under FN pistols for "Other FN Pistols", so I put this here.

I received this from my father over the weekend and am looking for more information on it.

Here is what he told me:

Designed by Robert Browning and built in Belgium as Colt refused to produce it.

Production ran from 1912 till 1983 and was originally designed for the German Luftwaffe (Airforce) issued to their pilots.
It was then issued to the Military and Police and not available to private citizens
The serial numbers are hard to run down, but this is a pre-war gun made sometime before 1941 and valuable in that respect.
A FN1910/1922 like this one was used to assassinate Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife in 1914 precipitating in World War I

I paid $350 for it three years ago