Small Base Dies for Scar 17?

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    Small Base Dies for Scar 17?

    Are any of you reloading for a Scar 17 using small base dies? This is my first auto loader in 308. I already own a regular 308 FL resizing die and I didn't know if I needed to pick up a SB FL resizer.

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    I do not load for a Scar17, but I load for several other semi-auto's in 7.62 including the FNAR. I just use a standard full length resizing die with no issues.

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    I also use a Full Length Sizing die for all my .308 loads.

    The only time you need a small base is if your full length will not work and this is usually because of a very tight chamber. As the SCAR is a NATO rifle, this will not be an issue.
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