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    Cqbss h27 vs S&B 1-8x24 SFP vs Swarovski 1-8x24 BRT

    I'm really thinking about buying a 1-8x and I'm debating between the S&B and the CQBSS.

    The more I'm looking into trade offs, I feel like the CQBSS is edging out the S&B.

    For you CQBSS forum members, any feedback would be greatly apprecuiated especially if you are an H27 user and have a stigmatism.

    Thanks ahead for your input.
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    Quick update to all interested in my experience so far in the quest for a 1-8 optic.

    As a reference point, I'm comparing to a Khalsa 1-6x24 G4B reticle, which sits on my LWRC M6 IC A5.

    i started off by ordering the CQBSS, H27D. The glass is good, not great. Kahles blowes it out of the water when comparing brightness, details, contrast and clarity.

    1.1x is useable on the CQBSS, both eyes. That said, the eyebox at 1.1 is pretty critical. The red donut washes out with the smallest of head movements. If you have an astigmatism like me, any head movement does really wacky things to the illuminated donut. Kahles feels almost aimpoint forgiving and just so comfortable to use.

    At 8x, the eyebox gets significantly worse. I don't expect anyone to run and gun at 8x, but wow is it sensitive.
    i set it to 6x and compare it to Kahles at 6x. Same complaints as 8x on top of inferior optical performance.
    All this is during midday light conditions. Also, I went into a semi-dark room to mess with low light feel, seemed like it would not be forgiving in low light even at 1.1x.

    Otherwise, the weight is not too bad, adjustments are pretty good but are a bit mushy, I dislike having to rotate the entire ocular to change magnification. The kahles zooms almost instantly compared to the CQBSS. That said, the loopy was returned the same day it was received.

    Now I'm waiting on the S&B 1-8x to arrive, SFP short dot. I'll update you folks after it arrives.

    As a note, I've owned the elcan 1x/4x, aimpoint t1, nf 2.5-10x32, kahles 1-6x and the have now personally inspected the CQBSS H27.
    The NF Sits on 17S and is a keeper. The glass is goo, not great,, but it serves very well on the 17. And the Kahles sits on the LWRC.

    All else was sold or returned. So far, nothing comes close to Kahles in terms of my experience with a scope that is as flexible as a red dot, gives you a very comfortable 6x, has superior optical characteristics and has great weight at just under 17oz.

    Crossing my fingers the s&B 1-8x will find a home on my new build.

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    Thanks for the update. I'm also in the search for a 1-6x or 1-8x scope, although I don't know if it will spend most of it's time on my LWRC A5 or my SCAR 16. The A5 currently has a T-2 on it, and the SCAR 16 has had a 4x ACOG on it for the last 5 years. ACOG will move to the A5 if I put a scope on the SCAR 16.

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    Round 2 Update:

    The S&B 1-8x24 PM2 2nd focal plane arrived this week. The fit and finish is superb.
    Pop and lock turrets are amazing, glass is very good and on par with Kahles.
    The eyebox is siginificantly more friendly than the cqbss and even 8x at night with street lights only, it is very usable, albeit a bit sensitive.

    Im very impressed overall but the reticle has issues. The CQB2 reticle is very thin and light and can easily be lost say if your were moving around. This especially true when transitioning from bright spots into shadows and oddly enough on areas with reflections and glare. If you're static and lining up a long distance shot, the thin reticle is useful for precision.

    The 2nd issue is the illumination. I find it to not be daytime visible at the highest setting. Due the thin reticle, this is an issue for me because there instances in my testing that on certain backgrounds, both the red dot and thin reticle could be difficult to pick up. Rather than quickly guiding your eye, my eye would focus on trying to find the reticle and not stay focused on the target.

    In reference, on the same backgrounds, the Kahles had no such issues. If the Kahles had the S&B's turrets and mil hash marks for windage, it would be nearly perfect.

    Big shoutout to Europtic for letting me inspect the scope due to issues with my astigmatism as it's hard for me to find a scope that works with me.

    After sending back S&B, I'm now waiting the next scope to arrive, which is the Saworvski z8i 1-8x24 BRT reticle with ballistic turret.
    I will most likely end up keeping this model as I know how similar it will be to the Kahles and will go well on my current build. I was hoping to wait for S&B 1-8x Dual CC, but seems the reality of those hitting the market is still very uncertain.

    In summary so far:

    CQBSS H27D is almost unusable in my opinion due to eyebox sensitivity and maybe the worst illumination system I've ever seen. That flicker phenomenon is very real with the slightest of head movement, which is very distracting. If you have an astigmatism, the flicker along with the optical aberrations from the astigmatism make the scope a poor fit for me.

    The S&B would have been perfect had they used an bolder reticle and had the red dot been brighter. It is really an amazing scope and really wish I could have kept it.

    Ill provide and update on the Swarovski next week.
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    Hi all, final update.

    The 1-8 Swarovski is here and It' a keeper.

    Quick note on the glass, hands down best I've ever seen. Words don't describe the brightness, contrast and clarity.
    it superior to my Kahles 1-6 and I never thought I'd ever utter those words.
    The eyebox is as comfortable as any of the most comfortable 1-6x scopes.
    This includes 8x sensitivity. I can't explain how important that is especially when comparing directly to the CQBSS, which felt nearly unusable at 8x.

    The reticle is tried and true, BRT, and I personally think it is a great do it all reticle for under 500yds.
    it combines MIL, BDC and wind holds.

    Illumination is exactly what I was hoping for. Aimpoint bright and also capable of getting so dim at night that it's perfect in low light.
    You can dim it to the point where it's enough to focus your eye but not wash out the picture.

    The flex turret system is great, I had it dialed in to the ballistics on federal TBBC LE223T3 in minutes.
    If I could criticize the scope, it would be to make the turrets beefier and to make the zoom ring all aluminum, no rubber.

    i wanted my build to be a super low weight system so I can afford the weight of a 1-8x optic. Through my optic testing, I went from 23oz (cqbss) to now 18oz (Swarovski), which ended up being perfect on the 14.5 PWS Mod 2 build. The PWS weighs in dry with no optic at just over 6lbs. Not too shabby for a piston AR.

    Bottom line, Swarovski is the top dog 1-8 in my opinion. Best combo of optical performance, eyebox friendliness, size, weight and flexibility. I'm thoroughly satisfied and if there is anything I would criticize those scope on is it could be beefier in the turrets and zoom ring. Doing that would also add weight, so pick your poison.

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