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Thread: Perfecta 308 walmart

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    Quote Originally Posted by gomeybear View Post
    Is that perfecta fmj or softpoint ? Dont think what i shot was softpoint.
    The ammo I have (and have shot) is 150 grain soft point. I don't think I've seen the FMJ Perfecta in my local Wal-Mart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vertigosol View Post
    perfecta is made by fiocchi. I found it to be more consistent then zqi. both good ammo but walmart had a rollback where perfecta was 6.2$ a box. needless to say i bought 2 cases
    was that a recent rollback on the perfecta? here in CT, all the local walmarts had a rollback on the ZQI to $7.47. the only perfecta I have seen has been $12+

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    I bought a bunch of the perfect a last year at wally world. Cheap, shoots pretty good, and it gave me a bunch of brass to reload

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquaticpig View Post
    I'm glad to hear .308 is good. I had multiple FTEs in .40 out of my FNS (avg of 2 per box in 2 boxes).
    I don't want to side track the thread, but I also have issues with perfecta .40 cal. In my FNS long slide, and a Sig p320. I have shaved a bit off the top of the feed ramp in my FNS tho, and it would run it, just didn't feed very smooth. Perfecta in 9mm runs just fine tho. I have run a couple boxes of Perfecta in my SCAR 17 with no issues. Only shooting steel plates at about 100 yards tho, so I can't really speak for accuracy, but it ran fine. Back to the FNS .40...I find it is a tighter toleranced pistol in the chamber area...having a little feed ramp work done did wonders for it.
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