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Thread: Suppressor wraps...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pjmarshake View Post
    The answer lies in the purpose of the wrap... Reducing mirage for precision shooting. The wraps I use (from Rifles Only) are only on precision rifles that won't see a rate of fire high enough to worry about damage to my barrels or the cans.

    I don't use wraps on my issued M-4 or my personal carbines at all. The only reason I would consider it is if my clothing wouldn't protect me from the can during transition drills.
    Thanks brother. I have never shot enough precision to create a mirage but I have done it while sighting in semi autos.
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    Simply put, no. Look down the street on a hot summer day and you'll see mirage and it's not 800 degrees out. Looking through a scope with a hot can right in front of it even at 150-200 degrees there is absolutely visible mirage. I use them on my precision bolt gun and have one on my 10.5" SBR 5.56. I never do mag dumps though and my suppressor looks new. Never gotten any of my suppressors hot enough to discolor them so if you plan on doing mag dumps with a red dot no need for a suppressor cover IMHO.
    Quote Originally Posted by KameronTKelly View Post
    What I am wondering is, if you shoot enough to create suppressor mirage isn't that enough to create enough heat to be worrying about a wrapped suppressor?
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    I can say that I've seen mirage effect through my optics. I don't do mag dumps, but even the smallest amount of mirage is visible when your doing precision work even on semi autos. I am interested in finding a cover or two- but don't think that someone needs to spend 100.00+ on them. Any suggestions for for covers?

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    The other thing to consider is how the trapped heat will negatively affect the suppressors primary job which is suppressing the sound. The basic physics goes like this, hotter air gets; faster it moves, faster it moves; louder it gets. The topic somewhat mirrors the ongoing debate in the racing community about exhaust/header wraps. There are pros and cons but exhaust or header damages aren't really a concern since the material is designed to take on considerably greater amount of heat and pressure than even a wrapped exhaust/header is capable of producing (unless you wrap it too tight which can crack the pipe, but that's not really an issue with suppressor wraps). I'd imagine the same way with suppressor. Plus suppressor wrap is actually better since it can be easily installed and removed. I'd say try it out yourself, if the cons outweights the pros then get rid of it, wouldn't let potential damages to the suppressor worry you. I would however put the money down for one with a reputable manufacturer; last thing you want to do is melt the wrap onto your $1k suppressor.
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    Any cover will be bad for the silencer so it would be removed when not shooting so the silencer can cool down. Heat is the enemy, it breaks down the welds and can cause titanium and aluminum silencers to fail quickly. I see two applications for them.
    1. Long range shooting to cut down the mirage.
    2. Getting in and out of vehicles so you don't burn yourself or anything else.
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    The only time I use my wrap is for long range precision shooting. It only takes a few shots to start getting a mirage distortion without it.
    Other than that, or on any of my cans other than what is on my bolt gun, I don't use one. If the can gets hot I just dunk it in the creek to cool it down.
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