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Thread: 300BLK Upper

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    Build the one you want if its a going to be a dedicated DI upper

    I think what is coming to market now (and design optimized) is the short stroke piston uppers designed around both sub/super ammunition - and taken a step further as Integral Suppressed (possible self regulated piston?) that show great promise Like Project Q Honey Badger 2.0.... HPA may get passed before we get the Honey Badger is my guess...so again - build you a DI 300BO Upper
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    I have a Daniel Defense .300 upper. Runs great, and is pretty accurate.

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    Pity they didn't just send back your upper, minus barrel and credit you for a new barrel price. I'm in a similar situation with a 16" MPW waiting on a Form 1 to clear and intend on re-fitting the upper with a 9" BCM Enhanced barrel when the Stamp arrives... keeping the rifle all original besides the barrel.
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