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Thread: No big surprise here...ATF Shuts Down ‘Solvent Trap’ Manufacturer SD Tactical

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaMac View Post
    As referenced in the article maybe this will be the catalyst that propels the Hearing Protection Act to law. I personally could never use a Maglite for such a purpose it simply doesn't seem right somehow but that's just me.
    One can only hope

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    I don't think there is any such thing as grandfathering in something that was illegal in the first place. The whole thing was an attempt to circumvent the law, and everyone, including those who were buying kits, knew it. While I agree it is a stupid law, as long as it was illegal it can be enforced.

    I suspect the customer list is in the hands of the feds, and even if they don't devote resources to tracking down individual customers, especially in light of the potential legalization, I suspect the people on that list earned a red flag in the system.
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    This was one company shut down. There are still others out there selling "solvent tubes". What appears to be the problem is the "freeze plugs" with the tubes.
    What if someone has a suppressor and had a small baffle strike. It is easier and cheaper to replace the damaged baffles than send the entire suppressor back for repair?
    Or what if someone wants to build a suppressor and does a form one. Are you suppose to buy the tube first to get it measured and engraved or just hope they are the same and still available when the form 1 is approved?

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    Can only hope the Hearing Protection Act continues to move forward - as for these or any "device" - folks intent on making $ will push the law as far as humanly possible...until mom and dad aka the Govt can no longer look away -or- enough people keep asking for permission about a "device" and they get fed up....

    Arm brace ring any bells here gang? (I do enjoy all the disclaimers of the known YouTubers when using a Arm Brace "device" and state on camera "I am not shouldering the weapon just utilizing the cheek rest"
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