1. Select the silencer you want, and contact the seller for a quote.

2. Pay for the silencer via check, money order, or credit card.

3. Once payment has been recieved, seller will send you all the paperwork you’ll need to complete along
with specific instructions on how to properly fill out the forms. Some information will be pre-filled by the seller
such as their name and address, the model of the silencer you are purchasing, the overall length of the
silencer, the caliber of the silencer, the serial number of the silencer, and the manufacturer’s

4. Fill out the required information on the front of the form, including your name and address.
Complete the back by answering the questions and stating the reason you are acquiring the silencer.
(I usually put 'Legal Purposes') You may put 'Zombies'. Sign and date the back of the form.
Remember to complete all information in duplicate. Seller will usually provide a copy.

5. Affix a recent color passport-sized photograph of yourself on the back of each copy of the form.

6. Acquire a signature of the chief law enforcement officer of your county or your local sheriff. Don’t let this
step scare you; this is a routine request. If you feel that your police chief or sheriff will not sign the
Form 4 because of personal or political concerns with the second amendment, do not worry.
You can bypass them by purchasing the silencer under your Limited Liability Company (LLC) or
corporation, or under a trust.

7. While you are at the station obtaining the required signature, ink up your fingers and get two copies
of FBI fingerprint cards (FBI Form FD-25 that you will send in with the two duplicates of Form 4. We
provide the fingerprint cards as well.

8. Fill out the ATF Form 5330.20 (Certification of Compliance)

9. Place both completed copies of Form 4, the two copies of FBI fingerprint cards, and the completed
Certification of Compliance form in an envelope, along with a check or money order (payable to
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) for $200 and mail to the address listed on
Form 4.FNF advises that you use a check and not a money order so you can see when the ATF cashes
your check. This is a great way to confirm if the form actually arrived and is being processed. Otherwise,
you may just be waiting months for approval, when, in fact, your paperwork never arrived.

10. After the ATF approves Form 4, they will put a stamp on one of the two copies you sent them and then
send it back to where you made your purchase. Seller will then notify you that the paperwork has returned and that your silencer is
ready to pick up.