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View Poll Results: How long has it taken for the approval of your eForm, and what type of eForm

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  • More than 3 months but less than 4 months

    11 19.64%
  • More than 4 months but less than 5 months

    12 21.43%
  • More than 5 months but less than 6 months

    12 21.43%
  • More than 6 months and I'm still waiting

    2 3.57%
  • eForm 1

    23 41.07%
  • eForm 4

    8 14.29%
  • I was lucky and got the approval within 90 days

    12 21.43%
  • I can only file paper forms

    9 16.07%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: eForm Approval Time to Completion - Poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by tofur View Post
    I saw that too... figures that silencershop just went the paper route for my saker after wasting a month waiting for the eforms to come back up.
    Form1 is for manufacturing a SBR (or manufacturing a suppressor).

    Form4 is for registering a suppressor. That form is still not back online.
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    Form 1: Submitted paper 10/18/2013. Still pending.

    Form 4: Submitted efile 3/20/2014. Approved 7/15/2014
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    eForm 4 (via trust) submitted 20 MAR 2014 approved 11 JUL 2014. Going to pick up my SureFire SOCOM 762 RC and SilencerCo Osprey 45 tonight. I did submit eForm 1's (via trust) on both SCAR 16 & 17 2 JUL 2014 and as soon as form 4 returns to eForm my dealer will call me for a credit card number to pay the $400.00 on a SilencerCo Sparrow SS and SureFire SOCOM 556 RC. Picked up a Izhmash Saiga 12 while in AR but can't figure out how to get the SlideFire on it so hopefully Blackwing can help me out with that. Woke up this morning to read that Obama signed another EO banning the importation of Saiga's so looks like I got one just in time.
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    Efiled form 4 on March 10th
    Approved on July 18th
    Last edited by Big Vick; 07-24-2014 at 11:30 AM.
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    1. NFA Item: PS90 SBR
    2. Form Type: Form 1 (eFile)
    3. Transfer Type: Trust
    4. Form Sent: 2-26-14
    5. Check Cashed: 2-26-14
    6. Pending: 2-26-14
    7. Approved: 7-26-14
    8. From Received: 7-26-14
    9. Examiner: Nicki Dudash
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    Two Form 1's filed via e-forms July 12th, 2014 -- approved August 11th, 2014. Another Form 1 submitted via e-forms August 12th, 2014.
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    eform 1 submitted 7/6/14
    approved 8/7/14
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    Nice - 2 form1s approved around 30 days - My new Kriss V is gonna be sweet w/a stock!
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    Senior Member Hairlesswookiee's Avatar
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    Have they started processing eforms again? Silencershop still says they're not filing eforms at this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairlesswookiee View Post
    Have they started processing eforms again? Silencershop still says they're not filing eforms at this time.
    Not FORM 4s needed for suppressors. . Only FORM 1s.. To manufacture..Mostly SBR/SBS.
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