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Thread: suppressors

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    Hello all!

    Just bought my 16 2 months ago AND I LOVE IT! So much so I already have the 17 fever!!! Anyway, like I said, I love it, but holy $#!t is it loud! so while i dont mind it, im sure those in the neighboring counties might not haha. So ive been looking into potentially getting a suppressor. only thing is ive never used one and have NO clue what goes along with owning one. Ive looked into how to get them but before I go to far I figure I should get some input as to what I may be getting myself into. This is where you guys come in. What should i be looking for when researching these things? what brands should i avoid/ look for. How often do they need to be cleaned/ proper techniques and tools to clean them. You know the basic maintenance and care and what not that go into stuff like this. Anything helps.

    Thanks all!!!

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    There is a whole section down a few levels here and it's a pretty good source of info where many of us have commented in.

    SBR, Suppressors and NFA Items

    Also Jeremy M is here to help out members.
    Silencer Shop

    And welcome to FNF.

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