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Thread: Special Upper Receiver Group _ Or_ SOCOM SURG

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    Special Upper Receiver Group _ Or_ SOCOM SURG

    This was out for open bid and sample submission for testing by USSOCOM and current requirements war-fighters need/requested.

    Now, I am not a advocate nor opponent to OSS suppressors....but I will bet you dozen donuts the above requirement was REALLY looked at hard by OSS and H&K and all branches of SOF Services that deal w/R&D and Signature Management - this is a natural evolution in suppressor and signature management folks



    Dear Readers;

    First off, the guys who wrote the Navy patent are really smart and have insider knowledge of what is really going on in combat, I know them personally. SURG is a suppressed weapon with the same length as an M-4, with all the commercial improvements you could want, and which is very hard to detect with thermal or IR imagers. You would have to try and burn yourself and it has secondary flash reduction built in. Everyone who wants to be visible by a $200 thermal camera from farther away than he can shoot back just go on and complain all you want. We are no longer talking about screwing a muzzle can on a 10” barrel and hoping for the best…if you need to go back to war, or even go the first time, ask for one. When it is 1,000 degrees inside the forend, it is just ambient on the Carbon fiber and “No” I am not saying how that works since we all love speculation…it confuses the Enemy.

    In Mogadishu the sound of our guns brought thousands of opponents, in Afghanistan they remove IR filters from cheap video cameras and spot IR flashlights miles away…now they have cell phone thermal imagers and can see a fired weapon even without a muzzle flash.

    Love the chatter, but let’s build up some facts first…that is one of the SURG candidates, and you don’t want one? Really? Because I don’t believe you…

    Gotta start thinking and get planning for the next war, not the last one, Guys.

    -Anonymous Source
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    Kind of. I have a fairly good knowledge of the SURG project since there are about 20 different companies trying to make something like this. Really the only new thing about this is the reduced IR signature and reduced flash (which companies have been working on for years). The reflex design is old and very specific to a single platform.

    Basically make the can run a little cooler and ad a heat shield to cut down on the IR signature. However having used several thermals I can say that the there is a ton of heat from the entire gun and this will be a very tough if not impossible task that they are trying to achieve.
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    SURG has been inching forward for a number of years now and there are companies that don't tip their hand to the public for obvious reasons.

    Reflex cans have been around for a long time and it's not exclusive to a single design.
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