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Thread: Vortex 1-6 Strike Eagle on your 17? Opinions Please!

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    Vortex 1-6 Strike Eagle on your 17? Opinions Please!

    Im considering switching my Strike Eagle 1-6 from my Adams Arms Patrol .308 To my SCAR 17 and the Leupold 1.25-4 to the Patrol. Yes I know it seems a bit silly to put the expensive scope on the cheaper gun, but I just need more magnification with my SCAR. Has anyone used or is currently using the Strike Eagle 1-6? Will it survive The Scar 17? Do you or did you like it? Please post your experience and/or groups.

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    No experience with that scope but Vortex has great warranty. I did use a Primary Arms 1-6 for a year while saving up for better glass and it held up fine.

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    I've looked at the strike eagle, but frankly didn't like the reticle. I prefer the v-brite reticle available on the 1-4x24mm Crossfire II scopes, and wish there were some different reticle options on the Strike Eagle.

    I really like the Leupold firedot scopes, but for the price difference, I'll go with the Crossfire II scopes any day of the week.

    As DrToyHoarder mentioned, you can't beat the warranty, and my experience is that they hold up as well as anyone else's optics.
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    I own the the strike eagle. I actually like it a lot . Think it is hard to beat for the money. As far as magnification- the more you have the more it can help. A leupold is an great but limited magnification is just that.

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