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Thread: Optics for your SCAR 16 or 17

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    Hey guys, new to the FN world and just joined. Picking up my 16S shortly and considering moving over my TRTA31CH-ECOS (With RMR up top) over to it, but concerned with massive height over bore on the RMR especially. Anyone have any experience with running dual optics like this on the SCAR?

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    I ran a TA31F with a Doctor Optic piggybacked for a short time on mine, personally I didn't care for it. I disliked having to raise up off the rifle to use the MRD, but others here use the same setup and like it.
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    +1 to what Tal said. I ran a TA31ECOS on my rifle for a very short period as well. If you are set on an ACOG then maybe you could run the red dot on a 45 degree offset mount. This would be a lot smoother transition to the red dot than having it piggybacked.
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    Gotcha, right now I have it on my 6940 and I am used to have to raise up a bit to use the red dot. My concern is with trajectory due to all the additional room for the piston system. I would imagine that I will have to zero the red dot fairly far out for it to not be horribly off vertically at varying distances. I am particularly concerned about it when firing with the rifle canted. Anyone have any issues with this?
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    Figured I'd add to this discussion a bit. I'll see about adding a picture in a day or two of it mounted on my SCAR....

    Scope / Mount: Trijicon ACOG 6x48 Illuminated Red Chevron .308 8.0 Minutes of Angle.
    ACOG 6x48 Ill Red Ch .308 8.0 MOA Description
    The military's need for a magnified, self-luminous tactical sight that enhances target identification and increases hit probability on extended-range shots has given rise to the new Trijicon ACOG 6x48. Powered by Trijicon's patented fiber optics and tritium-based technology, the TA648RMR-308 ACOG reticle features a red chevron aiming point. It also incorporates a bullet drop compensator (BDC) with additional aiming points estimated for trajectory of the 7.62mm M80 out to 1200 meters. To further improve target acquisition and hit potential, the ACOG 6x48 incorporates Trijicon's Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC) – a revolutionary both-eyes-open method of aiming.

    Like other members of the Trijicon ACOG line, the ACOG 6x48 is battery free and waterproof to 500 feet.

    This model of the 6x48 ACOG features an 8.0 MOA RMR.

    The TA648RMR-308 also includes:

    - 1 8.0 MOA RMR Sight (RM02)
    - 1 Picatinny Rail Adapter (TA75)
    - 1 Trijicon Logo Sticker (PR15)
    - 1 Manual
    - 1 Warranty Card


    - Magnification: 6.0
    - Objective Size: 48.0
    - Bullet Drop Compensator: Yes
    - Length (in): 9.00
    - Weight (oz): 39.3 w/out RMR
    - Illumination source: Fiber Optics & Tritium
    - Reticle Pattern: Chevron w/ Target Reference System
    - Day Reticle Color: Red
    - Night Reticle Color: Red
    - Calibration: 0.308
    - Bindon Aiming Concept: Y
    - Eye Relief (in): 2.70
    - Exit Pupil (mm): 8.00
    - Field of View (°): 3.30
    - Field of View @ 100yrds (ft): 17.00
    - Adjustment @ 100 yds (clicks/in): 4.0
    - Mount: TA75
    - Mount On/Comes With: TA75
    - Housing Material: Forged Aluminum

    Uses: I have this set up for both a CQB and long range SHTF gun.

    Pro's: The glass is crystal clear, the mount is secure and I have yet to have an issue with it coming loose with just hand tightening. I’ve removed it several times and remounted and it has never had an issue with Zero. It’s the only real ACOG that has a .308 reticle which was the main reason for me to buy it. The field of view is great, much easier to use than my MK4 I have on my FNAR. The RMR is just a nice little bonus. The damn thing is built like a tank.
    Con's: Because it’s built like a tank it weighs about the same. Almost 2 ½ pounds. Add in a bipod grip, full mag, sling, the SCAR starts loosing it’s sexy light weigh appeal. The only other model Trijicon offers for the .308 is the one built for the M240 and I wonder if they didn’t just shed an ounce or two off this one and market it for all the other .308 assault rifles. Minimum advertised price on these things is $2826.25. Retail is around $3200. If you get one of these, you have just as much in your glass as you do your gun.

    Overall opinion: Other than the weight, this thing is by far the nicest piece of glass I’ve ever had to the pleasure to shoot with. It fits perfect on the gun and x6 power is just right for what I plan on using it for. The large field of view is a huge plus and is what allows me to accept the added weight. If money is not an issue, I highly suggest you get one. Now finding one is a different story. I had mine on backorder for over 9 months.

    Pictures: trijpicta648rmr308.jpg
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    Hello... I'm a new guy, just signed up a short while ago and found all your comments and input very helpful, particularly this thread regarding scopes for the SCAR.

    I have been considering the Trijicon ACOG 6x48 Illuminated Red Chevron .308 as described by Sabotteur above... extremely helpful comments by the way. However, another option I am considering is the Leupold Mark4 HAMR 4x24 with the DeltaPoint. Has anyone had any experience with this optic, or know of anyone else that has?

    I have a number of Leupold items and have found them all to be excellent. I've tried other brands, but was never overly happy...

    The Leupold is still really expensive, but nothing like the Trijicon.

    I will be mounting it to a SCAR 17.


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    SCAR 16s FDE with Trijicon SRS

    I'll edit this with more info later. Just wanted to get these pics out in case anyone wanted to see what the SCAR SRS combo looks like. Not my best photos (did it with a Galaxy pad) and the rifle is dirty. But I like the SRS a lot. Paid ~$790 with Colt mount.
    2012-09-06 13.52.36.jpg2012-09-06 13.49.41.jpg2012-09-06 13.51.57.jpg2012-09-06 13.53.52.jpg2012-09-06 13.56.01.jpg
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    Thanks, but damn thats HUGE (and pricey for a 1x RDS...)


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    I run an Raytheon ELCAN SpecterDR very pleased with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MP_OHIO View Post
    Before buying a scope, you need to qualify what your going to be doing with it. I wouldn't buy an eotech or aimpoint for long distance target or hunting.


    Eotech XPS 2-2 Dual Dot site

    Product: XPS2 | L-3 EOTech Holographic Weapons Systems
    ■Single transverse 123 battery to reduce sight length
    ■Shortened base only requires at most 2 3/4 inch of rail space
    ■Battery cap and latch are eliminated and replaced with a simple O-ring, tethered cap; better sealing is achieved
    ■Average battery life at brightness level 12 is roughly 600 hours
    ■The XPS2 is not Night Vision compatible, for Night Vision compatibility see the XPS3 sights.

    Uses: Home defense, short yardage target shooting out to 100yds.

    1.) Compact size
    2.) holds zero
    3.) Looks bad ass on my Scar
    4.) Multiple dots for different yardages
    5.) adjustable brightness
    6.) $338 after $50 rebate

    1.) reticle too large for anything past 100yds
    2.) battery cover skinned my knuckle
    3.) Magnifier is damn expensive

    Overall opinion:
    I really like the looks and functionality of this site. It keeps zero when I take it off and put it back on after using my Long distance scopes. It really looks great on my Black Scar 16. The battery should last me as long as I need or own this. I would definately buy this again.


    Where did you get the price of $338? Also, do you know of any links to a SCAR 16 with this sight on it?

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