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Thread: Optics that just didn't work out

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsymonds View Post
    I'll go ahead and add to the discussion.

    Vortex Strike Eagle 1x6

    I started with a Vortex Strike Eagle on my 17 in a Burris PEPR mount (I know I know should've gone with a better mount). Got it zeroed and then it started to look like buckshot after a short time. Mount showed signs of moving around via wear marks on the underside despite being as tight as I could get it. Changed to a Spuhr mount and the shots were still all over the place. This is with less than 200rds down the pipe. Took the scope off and it made a nice sounding rattle that I was pretty sure no scope is supposed to make. Vortex fixed it as expected but it's not gone back on my 17. While Vortex had my tube I put some thought into what I was looking for in an optic and came up with what I have now. I found that I rarely if ever change mag on my scopes so no need for a variable. I'm not lighting cigars with rolled up $100 bills so price is a factor. Wanted better than 3-4x since it's a .308. Wanted decent glass and a .308/7.62 BDC since I don't dial for drop. Ended up getting a Steiner M536. It checked all the boxes I was looking for and has been good so far. It hasn't seemed to mind getting slapped around by the 17 and the clarity is quite good with the Schott glass it has. My Strike Eagle will end up on an ARX100 Tactical Mackerel I just picked up for $850 to play with. I took a bit of a gamble on the M536 but I decided to put some faith in the Steiner name and have been pleased thus far. The fixed power works well as this isn't a CQB rig for me. I have the Israeli doorbell Tavor for that with a Meprolight RDS and 3x magnifier for those reindeer games.
    My Vortex Strike Eagle has held up to my 458 Socom for about 6 months now I'm surprised to hear what you're saying
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    Honestly I think it had more to do with the mount. With the mount not being up to the task I think being slapped around as usual by the 17 and having that magnified by the mont issue was probably more than a lot of scopes can take. No proof but just my feeling on it. I don't hold the Vortex scope to blame at all. That said if it dies again on top of a 5.56 gun with a Spuhr mount then that'll be a different story but I doubt that'll happen.

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    Mine has also been good, out it sits on a 5.56
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