Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24... MRAD or MOA for my SCAR 17

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Thread: Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24... MRAD or MOA for my SCAR 17

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    Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24... MRAD or MOA for my SCAR 17

    I've pretty much decided on this scope.
    I just need to figure out which reticle I need/want.
    MRAD is metric mil-dot, right?
    MOA is based on inch/minutes of angle, right?

    What's the advantage, if any between the 2 reticles??

    I've never trained on any particular system, but i want to start building my scope skills, so I'm pretty open to either one.
    which would be best for a guy like me? MRAD or MOA?

    Eventually, I want to get a 4-16 Vortex PST to switch out for longer distance and want to use the same reticle to be consistent.

    have at it...

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    I have that scope in MRAD on a PSA M4.....I have tried it on my SCAR17 and don't feel that its enough glass....which is why I went to an Elcan 1.5-6X on the SCAR...however for the $$..the Viper is a hell of a scope..what a person prefers is a question of what works for them...good luck and enjoy the scope.

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    I have the same scope on my 17, good for shooting groups around 100 yds anything farther you can hit just not see that well. Watch this video and more like it to understand which scope you want.

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    Mil is a better system once your brain gets use to it.

    It's still tough for me after so many years of "minutes".

    If you're new to glass, go the mil route.

    Choose your glass magnification based on the distances and the traget size you'll practice with most often. The more power, the less forgiving the glass will appear to be on the target as the higher power will amplify any movements induced into the carbine.


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    I personally went with MOA.

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