Is the SCAR scope eating problem fixed?

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Thread: Is the SCAR scope eating problem fixed?

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    Is the SCAR scope eating problem fixed?

    Having reviewed the old threads, back in 2011-2014 there were several reports of the 7.62 SCAR "breaking" high quality brand name scopes in low round firing numbers/accounts.

    Lately I have not seem too much reported and was wondering if the statement that the Companies fixed the scope design to prevent the scope damage from occurring. People more knowledgeable than I indicated that it was caused by the different recoil forces/frequencies the SCAR produced. (Something like the Air rifles can produce).

    Can anyone provide me with what is the latest news/update? I still am interested in getting a 7.62 SCAR, but I am not interested in purchasing a new scope every month, nor purchasing a "high quality Sniper rig" to use, as I do not need/want those capabilities with the SCAR.

    Thank you for your time and replies


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    Aslong as you don't buy some cheap knock off you'll be good to go. Those reports are few and far between and almost all dialog on gun forums about it is not from the end user.
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    Kev speaks the truth. Good scope good rings no problem.
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    "High quality" optics with high quality mount are good to go, garbage optics in garbage mounts not so much.

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    This rumor is still running strong. Even the very knowledgeable guys at my favorite gunstore warned me to check with the manufacturer before choosing an optic for the SCAR. This is what Trijcion responded to me regarding the SCAR 17 + VCOG:

    Thank you for your interest in Trijicon products! All of our optics are expected to see use on nearly any small arms platform (including .50 BMG and powerful dangerous game double rifles) and recoil should not be of concern. We do offer a limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship should you ever experience an issue though, and please contact us if we can assist in another capacity.

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    Is the SCAR scope eating problem fixed?

    I thought it was a rumor until my scar17 cqc broke a vortex 1-4 in an adm recon mount. The reticle freely rotated after a few hundred rounds.
    The same rifle broke a cheap millet 1-4 also.

    I'm not hating on the scar, it's my favorite rifle, but they are hard on optics, that's not a myth.

    I have a night force 1-4 coming, currently on back order.

    The vortex is out for warranty and will go on my scar16 when it comes back

    I also have a night force 5-15 in leupold steel rings on another scar 17 and it's given me zero problems.

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    It's definitely not a rumor. I have a thread in here about my Vortex 2.5-10x32 ffp scope breaking after 40 rounds. The reticle was rotating inside the scope. I was using the ADM Delta mount, which is a huge beast of a scope mount. Vortex fixed it and I've since ran about 500 rounds without problems.

    My advice, buy quality, and buy from a company with a good warranty. I still believe Vortex is quality, and their warranty is tops also.

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    It's an expensive high quality rifle, I planned on putting expensive high quality glass on it. Roughly 3k+ rounds down the pipe and my TA11J-308G hasn't lost zero or budged one mm on it's mount.
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    Buy Elcan 1-4 or S&B or Swarovski and you will never have problems

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    I've had a Leopold ER/T 4.5-14x50mm and also a Trijicon ACOG 4x32. Both with LaRue mounts. No issues to report with either of them.

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