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  1. FingerPrints + Photo's for Trustee's No CLEO Signoff
  2. Silencerco price increase Jan 1st
  3. Silencerco SPEQ program November sale to DD214 holders
  4. MIL/LEO PS-90 special
  5. Moving sale
  6. FN PS-90 50 RND Mags $19.99 while supply lasts
  7. Ballista
  8. FNX-45 T Black for sale $950.00
  9. Black FiveseveN MK II in stock Commercial version
  10. Silencerco Blue label dealer
  11. Small quantity of SS-198 in stock
  12. FNS-40C BLK NS 1 in stock
  13. Used FNX-45T FDE with RMR for sale
  14. For Sale Silencerco Octane 45 HD FDE $589.95
  15. Silencer Sale
  16. FN MIL/LEO products in-bound
  17. Anybody need these
  18. Small quantity of SS-198 in stock
  19. Ps-90
  20. FN MIL discount changes
  21. Memorial Day Sale SCAR 17S
  22. Memorial Day Sale on SS-198 $31.99 per box
  23. SS-198 500 round brick for $328.99 plus shipping
  24. We have 1 SCAR-17S retail (not LEO)l version in stock $2799.95
  25. We have SS-198 back in stock
  26. Aimpoint sale this week
  27. Aimpoint's in stock
  28. E-Forms shut down
  29. Silencer Shop screwed up e-forms
  30. We have SS-198 back in stock
  31. 50 boxes of SS-198 in stock
  32. Just got a little more SS-198 in stock
  33. A GUN FOR YOU is now a FN, IWI, Armalite MIL/LEO dealer
  34. SCAR 17S FDE MIL/LEO in stock
  35. SWR Octane 45 HD FDE
  36. Hey guys just got in some more SS198
  37. FN FiveSeven and SCAR17's available
  38. A GUN FOR YOU is now an AimPoint dealer!
  39. Ss-198!
  40. New Years sale
  41. 4 PS90's in stock for Christmas
  42. in-stock Silencerco/SWR or Huntertown cans $50.00 off Black Friday
  43. FNX-45T FDE Lowest price ever
  44. 1-PS-90 and 2 FNX45-T in stock for MIL/LEO
  45. 4 PS90's and two 45Tactical's in stock for MIL/LEO
  46. PS90 shrouds OK with ATF
  47. 3 FDE 45 Tacticals, 1 Black MIL/LEO in stock at a great price
  48. FNS sale!
  49. MIL/LEO PS90 in stock
  50. FNX-45 Mags in stock
  51. FNX 45 Tacticals and mags in stock
  52. I have 4 FNS pistols for sale at my cost
  53. MIL/LEO FNX-45T, 1 blk and 3 FDE available
  54. MIL/LEO SCAR17S Black available
  55. MIL/LEO Five-Seven MKII available
  56. FNX-45 FDE mags in stock
  57. Threaded PS90 shroud comimg
  58. in stock silencers
  59. Current LEO/MIL items in stock
  60. New shipment of MIL/LEO FNX-45T
  61. New SWR Octane 45 in FDE
  62. MIL/LEO FNX-45T, two black just arrived
  63. MIL/LEO FNX-45T, two available
  64. Any MIL/LEO interest in putting a Ballista on order?
  65. New Frontier Armory Model LW-15 stripped lower
  66. MIL/LEO FNX45 Tacticals in stock
  67. FNX-45 Tacticals in stock
  68. Just got 2 Five-Seven's in stock
  69. Just got more SS198 in stock ready to ship!
  70. FN Five-seveN with Night sights in stock!
  71. Beat the FN price increase!
  72. Blow out pricing on SS190, department purchase only!
  73. MIL / LEO PS90 List
  74. Active Duty, Retired Mil and Purple hearts get LEO discount starting today!
  75. Authorized fnh le sub distributor approved list
  76. MIL/LEO FN's in stock updated
  77. A Gun For You is a Supporting Vendor!