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: NON-FN Guns and NON-FN Items For Trade

  1. WTS Springfield Armory TRP
  2. S&b exos, fd7, 1-8x24
  3. WTS: Elcan SpectreDR 1/4 5.56 FDE
  4. WTS H&K USC 10rd 45acp Magazines
  5. WTT VZ 58 in .223 Unfired for MP5/ Clone
  6. wtt: lwrc m6 sl
  7. WTS: Muzzle Brakes (Wilson Combat, SilencerCo, DeadAir, PWS)
  8. WTS: HK MP5 Full Auto Bolt Carrier NEW IN PACKAGE & MP5 Recoil Rod Assembly
  9. Leupold Mark 6
  10. 9mm AR
  11. ***US Optics MR10 + ADM Mount***
  12. FS LWRC REPR 20 inch
  13. Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56 Mil R F2 with NF Unimount for sale
  14. WTS WTT HK USP Expert 45 with Jarvis Match Barrel and extra mags
  15. WTT:LWRCI R.E.P.R With Acog and X-Drum!!!
  16. WTT:BNIB FDE Kriss Vector Pistol Gen II 9mm!!!
  17. WTT Sig Sauer P229 Stainless Elite for PS90
  18. WTT Nighthawk T3 for FDE Scar 16s/17s
  19. WTT Yugo NPAP Ex-UF for SIG 556R
  20. WTT 10.5 Noveske Barrel & Rail combo for 7.5
  21. WTT: PredatOBR 7.62 16" for SCAR 17 FDE
  22. WTT: Yugo NPAP UF for VZ58, FAL or PTR pistol
  23. Hk p7m8 ft
  24. WTT Elcan M145 for ammo
  25. WTT Windowed Magpul 25 mag for a Magpul 20 mag
  26. Wtt HK45t for FNP 45 t
  27. Daniel Defense M4V1 for Tavor
  28. Wtt for ps90, have hk p30
  29. HK SL8-1 G36K Conversion
  30. Wtt Benchmade bedlam auto for KDG stock rail or...
  31. WTT Two Aimpoint Micros T2 and H2 for Sig 556R 2nd gen or later variant
  32. WTT: Once fire 40S&W brass
  33. WTT TAVOR 16 Black RH for Elcan SpecterDR
  34. WTT AR10 6.5 Creedmoor
  35. WTT Tavor for SCAR 17s or 16s FDE
  36. WTT Custom Mouser 450 for SCAR 17
  37. FS/FT:Sig mpx/mcx telescoping/collapsible stock
  38. WTT for HK MR762A1, SCAR 17s Tan, Larue OBR, FS2000
  39. WTT for HK MR762A1, SCAR 17s Tan or Larue OBR
  40. WTT FDE Tango Down VFG (ITI) for FDE Tang Down VFG (Surefire)
  41. ATN PVS7-CGT Night Vision, Surefire M952V-TN, Mepro Tru-Dot RDS, SCAR brake, more...
  42. 260ai manners t2 w/ mini chassis remington 700 brass & dies
  43. WTT: Aimpoint T1 (2 MOA) for an Aimpoint H2 (2 MOA) - FL
  44. WTT TAVOR 16 Black RH for SCAR 17 or others
  45. Wtt: Ruger sr556 upgraded with pelican 1700 case
  46. Glock 19 W/ Unity Tactical Atom Upper Suppresser ready for FNX-45
  47. HK P2000sk V3 LEM 9mm with Raven Concealment Holster
  48. Barrett m99 .50bmg trade for scar 16, ps90, fs2k
  50. Wtt: Sgl-31 ak74
  51. WTT: 1911 mags for Scar mags
  52. Ta648-50 trade for fn guns or nightforce nxs scope
  53. I would like to trade 2 guns + Cash for a Five-SeveN
  54. Gen 2 upgraded KRISS VECTOR CRB with EOTECH EXPS3
  55. Surefire X400 170 lumens
  56. WTT/S S&W M&P 9mm LNIB APEX, 10-8 sights + more.
  57. WTT Colt Rail Gun 1911 for FNX 45 Tactical
  58. WTT POF p308
  59. CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1and KRISS Vector CRB UPDATE
  60. WTT PWS MK107P for PS90
  61. WTT: Knights SR25 EMC 7.62 w/16" Dimpled Barrel
  62. WTT Kriss Vector for FS2000
  63. WTT: Daniel Defense ddm4v5lw FDE for Scar 16s
  64. WTT/WTS: Wilson Combat CQB Elite and Tactical Supergrade
  65. WTT CZ 75 PCR, Sig Sauer P238 Equinox, Walther PPK/S Blued Interarms for....
  66. WTT: LWRC M6IC-E Spiral Fluted Patriot Brown 16" 5.56
  67. WTT IWI Tavor and Keltec KSG for FDE SCAR 17
  68. Wtt s&w 500
  69. Wtt PRI MK12 Mod 0 + cash for FDE Scar 17
  70. WTT: Sterling AR-180 package for FAL
  71. want to trade for or will buy FNS 40C in Phoenix, AZ
  72. WTT: Kimber Super Carry (Full Size) for PS90
  73. Sweet Factory SIG 716 Pistol/Rifle
  74. Springfield operator for fn 5.7
  75. Knights Armament mod 1 - trade for scar 17
  76. WTT ACOG TA31RCO-A4 for ACOG w/ 308 BDC
  77. WTT Accurate Ordnance 308 for SCAR16 FDE
  78. Wtt Tangodown BG17 black for fde
  79. 2 German MP5 30rd Magazine - both NEW 10/94 marked LEO/Govt
  80. Bushnell ERS with H59 reticle
  81. My German made Sig Sauer P220 for your FN57
  82. WTT MR556A1 for SCAR 17 FDE
  83. WTT: 40S&W Brass
  84. Possible trade - multiple firearms for trade - Larue, POF
  85. POF P308 trade for SCAR 17
  86. WTT custom Remington 700 SPS Tact in 308 for SCAR 16s
  87. Trade long range precision set up for SCAR 17S
  88. WTT: Northtech Defense Billet AR
  89. WTT Tavor
  90. Branham Rail extention
  91. WTT: Twofer! Sig 556 Classic SWAT and PTR91 GI for SCAR 16
  92. LMT lm8 MWS (slick side) .308 for FDE SCAR 17
  93. WTT Bushnell Rangefinder for a Geiselle Super SCAR trigger
  94. WTT Colt Combat Commander
  95. WTT Elcan Specter Dr 1x/4x 5.56 bdc optic
  96. WTT Remington 700 BDL
  97. WTT: ITT PVS-14 Gen 3+ for a SCAR 16 FDE or SCAR 17 Pistol by HDD
  98. WTT: Strider NSN SMF for a Geissele Super SCAR trigger
  99. WTT-Geiselle Super SCAR for ATLAS, Rail Extension, Guns
  100. WTT in Tx: LaRue FUG vertical grip and TangoDown BG-17 grip *brand new items*
  101. WTT- Benelli M4 for Scar 16
  102. WTT: 338 Lapua for Scar 17s
  103. WTT German made Sig Sauer P220 for FN57
  104. Springfield M1A WT/T Benelli M4
  105. WTT: Utah
  106. Trijicon RM07 RMR, 4 days old
  107. WTS/WTT: HK P30V3 9mm w/ 6 Mags and Holster
  108. WTT: 40S&W and 357Sig brass
  109. WTT - Geissele SCAR Tigger for Timney 690S
  110. Trade only: BNIB HK USP 9 SD for FNX
  111. WTS: Knives ESEE Zancudo, Ontario Rat 1 Utah
  112. F/S: Aimpoint Micro H1 2MOA w/ American Defense QD Mount
  113. Milwaukee WI:STI Trojan 45 for sig P220 combat or elite
  114. WTT: Troy DiOptic Rear BUIS
  115. WTT Noveske Gen 2 NSR Afghan 14.5 for Scar 16 (Black)
  116. WTT 2 ar's for SCAR 17
  117. 2x AK package with 7k ammo and 29 mags FT/FS in Central FL
  118. WTT- A.A.C. 51t Blackout M.I.T.E.R. mount for scar 17
  119. WTT My Black Tavor for your FDE Tavor
  120. WTS/WTT - Colt Trooper Mark III revolver
  121. WTT Peters Stahl 22 Hi Power kit for a CZ Kadet 22lr handgun
  122. WTS/WTT Larue LT150 Aimpoint mount
  123. WTT: Springfield Loaded Full Rail Operator for FNX 45 Tactical
  124. For Sale or Trade: Aimpoint Micro H1 2 MOA w/ 3x Magnifier and mounts/spacers
  125. Want to trade S&W Model 59 Nickle for 5906TSW
  126. WTT for 9mm Kahr p45NS in all black
  127. Pelican 1700 Hardcase
  128. WTT Springfield Operator for FN 5.7 Mk II
  129. Like new army iotv with esapi lvl4 plates and Kevlar inserts
  130. Looking to Trade my LMT CQB MRP Defender 16 5.56 rifle for a FN SCAR 16s FDE
  131. I am wanting a FiveSeven Pistol - i would like to trade for
  132. Sig 716
  133. WTT in UT: 5.45x39 7n6 ammo for 7.62x54R ammo
  134. aimpoint micro H-1 with larue lt660hk mount for your trijicon
  135. WTS/WTT IOR Valdada 1.5x8x26
  136. WTT SCAR16/17 charging handle by IWC for SCAR16/17 magazine (x2)
  137. Colt LE 6920 w/ Restricted roll marks for Scar
  138. WTT: Trijicon ACOG TA31RCOM4 for EOtech
  139. WTT: Hk45 holster and Hk CD rom product
  140. gen 4 glock 17 with 5 mags and a holster for FNX9
  141. WTT: XDs 45 for ....
  142. WTT SCAR 17 Mags for Dillon Reloading Stuff
  143. WTS/WTT Spikes AR15 Dissipator Upper/ Spikes Zombie Lower
  144. PRE-BAN Franchi SPAS-12 with FOLDING stock & FIXED stock
  145. WTT: 5.56 Magpul Gen M3 PMAGS 30 rd BLACK (w/ & w/o windows) for OEM FNH SCAR 17S Bla
  146. Elcan Specter DR Dual Role 1x/4x Optical Sight 5.56 BDC Reticle w/ ARMS Mount
  147. Ar five seven upper
  148. WTS/WTT NIB HK45c in FDE only 296 ever made!
  149. Feeler: Franchi SPAS-12
  150. WTT: STI Marvel Conversion .22 Race Gun
  151. Benelli M4, Smith & Wesson M&P40, Remington R1 Enhanced to trade for FS 2000
  152. WTT mk12 mod 1 SPR rifle
  153. H&K USPc 45 for Fiveseven
  154. Dan Wesson Valor 1911 for 5.7
  155. want to trade for 147 grain 9mm
  156. WTT: YHM Phantom QD (5/8"x24) for your AAC Blackout (5/8"x24 or 1/2"x28)
  157. FT Kimber Raptor Ultra Pro 2
  158. SPR Type build Done Right New $1850 shipped or FTF-Houston with extras
  159. Red Tac Gear Bean Bags
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