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  1. Gun-wielding good Samaritan saves Arizona trooper caught in deadly ‘ambush
  2. Virginia governor accidentally give 140,000 people their gun rights back
  3. 2017 Proposed Firearm Legislation - State & Federal
  4. Colion Noir Videos
  5. Rep. Duncan Introduces the Hearing Protection Act - GOA
  6. New 2A case possibly going to SCOTUS
  7. CCW On Military Bases
  8. Marine Corps experiment silences entire infantry battalion’s weapons
  9. Trump on 2nd amendment. Merica!
  10. Three states OK stricter gun laws in Election Day referenda
  11. Strike while the iron is hot
  12. Canadian anti-gun bill dies in their senate.
  13. Chicago gun control at it's finest
  14. Beating the dead horse. Again... The election. 6 days to... WTF?
  15. AWB support at all-time low
  16. Handgun Self Defense Article makes AOL?!?!?!
  17. 2016 congressional rating
  18. Ninth Circuit judge scores huge win for your rights
  19. Big brother is watching us yet again
  20. Pennsylvania House Democrats Holding Pro-Gun Bill Hostage - Political Terrorism
  21. NRA new ad
  22. Time to contact our Senators again
  23. "Common Sense" Gun Control Debunked! (Man-On-Street)
  24. The stupidity of anti 2A politicians.
  25. For the Arizona voters
  26. Obama Administration Releases Latest Executive Gun Control
  27. Mass bans ALL new Semi- autos
  28. Got an interesting email from my congressman today
  29. This time let's put the heat on our Reps.
  30. What a surprise!
  31. You're not done, more amendments to HR2578 being voted on
  32. 'Common Sense' gun ban for suspected terrorists isn't so common sense
  33. Gun-control votes in the Senate today
  34. The Huffington Post(!) agrees with the NRA on this one issue
  35. Daniel Defense fires Academy Sports for Moral Cowardice
  36. Colion Noir: Orlando Terror attack gun control response
  37. Academy Sports and Outdoors removing MSR's from the shelf
  38. New Dem Bill to Take Your Rights
  39. Worth a read
  40. Hawaii Firearm Owners may be in Federal Data Base System.....
  41. 9th circuit appeal ruling: No right to concealed carry in public spaces
  42. NRA Charlie Daniels commercial
  43. Jane Seymour and Red Lights for Gun Free Homes
  44. Obama is lying again
  45. ‘Under the Gun’ Documentary Breaks Federal Firearms Law?
  46. Delusions from the other side
  47. Two deceptive current Gun News events
  48. Will Congressional Republicans Hand Hillary/Obama an Anti-gun Victory?
  49. Love the Liberal Media
  50. O'Dumba at it again...
  51. Sheriffs Opposed To Federal Laws
  52. Chelsea Clinton: Gun Control within our grasp now that Scalia gone
  53. Sandyhook
  54. Hard to believe and should be illegal!
  55. Calling on delegates to the democratic national convention to reject armed security
  56. Congressman Guinta to Introduce Legislation Allowing Nationwide Handgun Purchase
  57. Still no guns on Fed. prop. like Post Office etc...!
  58. Great news for Tn!
  59. Massachusetts: Suppressor Legislation Advances in the General Court
  60. Latest info on Armys next pistol?
  61. ATTN Mo Residents
  62. X Product owner advocates licensing sales of standard capacity magazines
  63. Oppose Appointment of New Supreme Court Justice!
  64. Cosmo and Bloomberg join forces against guns
  65. Will U be next??????????????????????????
  66. This is a huge problem.
  67. Whiny British reporter at SHOT show
  68. Fast and Furious Pops up Again?
  69. Open Carry confrontation with Police in Connecticut!
  70. GA Dems introduce State bill to confiscate 'Assault Weapons'
  71. Good guy vs bad guy drill
  72. This town is telling people to be armed
  73. Gun Free Zone : Rape
  74. WA State Gun Owners in Danger!
  75. Older folk, BummerCare and Rx
  76. Hickock 45 booted from you tube!
  77. CNN #GunsInAmerica Town Hall, 8PM EST
  78. The Third Amendment and why it matters
  79. 2016 Proposed Firearm Legislation - IE Here We Go Again
  80. -- executive orders following new year--
  81. H.R.4269 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2015
  82. Do you feel safe
  83. STAG arms CEO in trouble
  84. Va reciprocity
  85. Rand Paul Introduces Bill To Kill Obama Gun Control
  86. They are back at it again
  87. Sadly Samco files Bankruptcy!
  88. Bill to De-Militarize Federal Regulatory Agencies
  89. Obama finalizing executive order on expanding backgroundchecks
  90. Remington Sues Gov’t, Colt, FN Over Carbine Contract
  91. Interesting article about how both sides fail to communicate about guns and rights
  92. Supreme Court Leaves Assault Weapons Ban Intact
  93. Supreme Court upholds Assault Weapon Ban in Chicago
  94. Latest on European Gun Control even deactivated ones!
  95. Senate Democrats pepper budget bills with anti-gun amendments
  96. Obama Signs Law That Allows Public Sale of Surplus U.S. Army 1911s
  97. Good news for our side
  98. Chicago CC Holder Shoots Robber
  99. Lets make the US like Chicago... What?
  100. GOA: Oppose Paul Ryan as House Speaker
  101. Mass immigration from 3rd World would destroy the NRA and ultimately the 2n amendment
  102. PENNSYLVANIANS: Universal background checks being pushed by PA Republicans
  103. Maine now allows concealed carry without permit
  104. Ammo control’ picks up steam among Democrats aiming to limit gun access
  105. Harvard Gun-control Study Destroys Gun-control Agenda
  106. Four common sense Gun Proposals
  107. U.S. Supreme Court may hear a Chicago assualt weapons ban case
  108. Must Watch: “Maybe It’s Not the Guns… Maybe It’s the People Holding the Guns”
  109. PENNSYLVANIANS: You need to vote Nov. 3rd, for pro-gun PA Supreme Court candidates
  110. People is taking a stand - lets use this to our advantage
  111. Florida Alert! Bill to Allow Open-Carry to Stop Abuse of CW License Holders
  112. Hillary Promises Executive Action on Gun Control
  113. You're being heard, new poll shows vast 2A support
  114. Trump swings and almost misses on 2A
  115. Another week, another anti-gun bill in Congress
  116. GOA Call to Action: It's time for a new House Speaker
  117. What every gun and knife owner in America needs to know
  118. UN Small Arms Treaty conference in Mexico
  119. Surprising pro-2A billboard
  120. You Gotta Love Obama Administration
  121. Why you should vote, and vote for Democrat Bernie Sanders in your Primary!
  122. Obama's Last 18 Months
  123. Obama looks to ban some Social Security recipients from owning guns
  124. Good news for Puerto Rico.
  125. Manchin, Toomey going for universal background checks again
  126. Pocket Constitution $1 on Amazon
  127. Lawsuit tossed out in Kansas.
  128. 12 New Anti-gun Regulatory Proposals
  129. NRA: Gun blogs, videos, web forums threatened by Obama Regs
  130. Patriot Act.
  131. New gun-control possibly on the way, outside Congress
  132. Good & Bad News for Texas Open Carry
  133. Judge orders Aurora families to pay gunmaker
  134. So where are we on the Sig Brace?
  135. Bill would require background checks for private sales at gun shows
  136. Federal Judge Says DC Gun Carry Law is Unconstitutional
  137. Is this a start of the demilitarization of domestic police forces?
  138. House Bill Seeking Elimination of Online Ammo Purchase
  139. Missed the 2A for a month in China. I even managed to get this forum blocked.
  140. Secret Deal Could Contain a Myriad of Gun Restrictions, Ammo Bans!
  141. Please Let this Happen. Alabama congressman plans transfer of M1911A1 pistols to CMP
  142. Cal. Micro-stamping Law!
  143. Anti-Gun crowd does Photo-chopping!
  144. Finally, Great news for TN!
  145. Loretta Lynch Confirmed as Attorney General Nominee
  146. .45 ACP banned in California!?
  147. Pro 2nd Amendment Movie to be Made
  148. Texas House approves open carry bill
  149. More good news for our side
  150. Safe Haven gun free zones video
  151. GOA: Urge your Representative to cosponsor H.R. 86, repeal of gun-free schools
  152. Bill would pay gun owners to hand over assault weapons
  153. Governor Nikki Haley At FN Manufacturing
  154. Cpl. Kyle Carpenter visits FN Manufacturing
  155. D.C. gives up on ban on carrying guns in public
  156. NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tn.
  157. Constitutional Carry In Kansas
  158. Another one: Disabled Veteran has Firearms Confiscated After False Allegations
  159. GOA: Contact Senators *now* - bullet bans, reciprocity, prohibiting anti-gun laws
  160. BREAKING: After Scrapping AR-15 Ammo Ban, ATF Director B. Todd Jones Resigning
  161. Petition to bring charges of treason on President Obama
  162. H.R. 1180: Protecting 2nd Amendment Rights Act of 2015 Picking Up Steam!
  163. Get Into The Fight
  164. House bill would ban AR-15 bullet
  165. New Issues with M 855 Ammo Ban?
  166. ATF Elimination Act
  167. Guns right bill would block ammunition regulations
  168. Better start stocking up on 5.56 Ammo. this is the first step I feel,other types will
  169. Jerry Miculek on banning green tipped 5.56 ammo
  170. Zeeland, MI, Cops Misleading Students About Knife Law?
  171. GOA: Contact your Senators to help defund Operation Choke Point
  172. Who supports increased gun control?
  173. ATF Looking to ban M855 and "Armor Piercing Ammo"
  174. legislation on high cap mags
  175. More Gungrabbing Commie Politician BS from Connecticut
  176. Incredibly good 2nd Amendment Documentary
  177. Stutzman to Introduce GOA-Backed Reciprocity Bill for Concealed Carry
  178. TSA Seizes Record Number of Guns - Posts Pictures of FiveseveN to Stir Up Fear
  179. Sig Response to ATF Open Letter on Sig brace
  180. 1st Person charged for AR Pistol with Brace, not even shouldering it to shoot !
  181. Sig Brace is now Illegal to use on Shoulder!
  182. 2A donations every time you shop on Amazon
  183. Washington Post - Blaming inanimate objects, not mental health.
  184. Ohio legalizes hunting with suppressors
  185. Are the antis really this stupid?
  186. Want to survive being shot? Might cost you a fine and ten years in prison.
  187. We knew this was bound to happen... But the stupidity still pisses me off....
  188. GOA Alert: Tell Senators to reject anti-gun funding bill
  189. Carry outside the home without a permit?
  190. GOA Alert: Tell Senators to ask hard questions of the nominee for Eric Holder's job
  191. Here's Comes The New Firearm Legislation 2015 Version
  192. -- shouldering arm brace, news --
  193. GOA Action Alert: Tell Republicans to not give up spending/policy control in Congress
  194. Another ruling in favor of California's CCW issuance
  195. I-594 Passed in Washington State
  196. Second-Amendment-Crushes-Gun-Control-Candidates-In-Midterm-Elections
  197. Gov. Jerry Brown signs California gun restriction
  198. A Question For NFA Industry insiders.. Please Give Your $.02...
  199. Pro 2nd restaurant !
  200. There was a proposed amendment to clarify the 2nd Amendment
  201. Another Non-Scientific CNN Poll - Teaching your children to shoot
  202. Police chief sets the bar high on dealing with potentially controversial police-invol
  203. Federal Judge ruled California 10-days waiting period is unconstitutional
  204. CA 10 day waiting period ruled unconstitutional!
  205. Who owns body armor? READ THIS EITHER WAY!!!
  206. Maryland Case AR's Dangerous and Unusual
  207. Gun retailers, payday lenders out of Choke Point’s crosshairs
  208. Scary Anti-Doctors
  209. another gungrabber runs for prez...
  210. Federal judge declares D.C. ban on carrying handguns in public unconstitutional
  211. Gun Ban Rules in DC
  212. BREAKING: Federal Judge in D.C. rules carry ban outside of the home uncostitu
  213. Breaking: New Executive Order Bans Saiga/Izhmash Rifles
  214. Interesting read about Sig layoffs...
  215. Remove suppressors as an NFA regulated item.
  216. So Google apparently went Anti-Gun
  217. petition to remove SBRs from class 3 status
  218. -- time to go offensive vs REID --
  219. Still Hope for Colorado
  220. Veterans now receiving letters prohibiting firearm possession and more!
  221. Open carry vs Conceiled carry W/Jerry Miculek
  222. 4473 Question
  223. Neighbors, including off-duty officer, hold burglary suspect at gunpoint
  224. Ha Ha, turn about on Dumb People Against Guns...
  225. Chicago: Unable to Ban Dealers, Emanuel Seeks to Regulate Them Out of Existence
  226. MA Legislature Moving To Enact Chapter 180 Part 2 Bill: H4121
  227. Joe the Plumber’s Blunt Message on Gun Control
  228. Guns aren't the problem. Evil is the problem.
  229. Anti-gun ambush amendment in Congress, take action now!
  230. Best states for gun owners
  231. New York Daily News Demonstrates the Art of Using Tragedy to Push Gun Control
  232. CNN Needs our Poll help
  233. Let the melee begin
  234. Fear of US government fires up fierce foes of gun control
  235. Gun violence in America...
  236. CNN Host Bans All Gun Control Talk After California Mass Shooting Then Gets Schooled
  237. More gungrabbing from our CT senator :-(
  238. House Takes a Jab at D.C. Gun Control Laws
  239. The War on Guns
  240. $25,000 to man arrested for openly carrying firearm into Cinnebarre Theater
  241. Op-Ed: “Open Carry” Activists Score Yet Another Own Goal
  242. Growing Gun Trend: More Grandmas Packing Heat
  243. Restaurants Welcoming Gun Owners Far Outnumber Chipotle
  244. Top Ten Police Departments Issuing Their Officers Smart Guns.
  245. We all new it was just a matter of time
  246. Connecticut IS Indeed, down the drain , the gungrabbers grabbed the brass ring :-(
  247. Please Don’t Ruin Chipotle, This is Not Okay
  248. Open Carry Activists Strike Again
  249. Veterans dying from lack of care because gov. is too busy stripping their rights!
  250. Federal regulators trying to choke out gun businesses by pressuring banks