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  1. Virginia Revising its CCW Reciprocity
  2. Utah Non Resident CCW Permit Class in Tampa, Florida
  3. Side effect of gay marriage ruling means automatic CCW reciprocity in all of US
  4. What do you carry? Preferences?
  5. How to know if a CCW training provider is any good?
  6. Gov. Chritie pardons Mom who brought Gun to NJ!
  7. Wife and CCW question.
  8. Armed Home Invasion in One of America's Safest Towns
  9. Do you carry 24/7?
  10. Are we paranoid?
  11. Do you get your gun back?
  12. Glad to see ccw/cfpl holders us ing the android being held in a goods light by leo
  13. TheHossUSMC: California “May Issue” CCW Law Struck Down by 9th Circuit Court
  14. Oklahomans Can Now Apply For And Renew Handgun Licenses Online
  15. How long did it take Illinois Concealed Carry License
  16. This happened today
  17. CWP Training & Safety Courses Lacking
  18. 4 Concealed carry compromises to avoid
  19. KC Senior Shoots ExCon Burglar
  20. And I Carry
  21. Concealed carry calibers: Pros and cons of the 9mm, .40 S&W and the .45 ACP
  22. CCW safe?
  23. Top 10 Most & Least Gun-Friendly States
  24. "Stand Up to Stand Your Ground" PSA Campaign.
  25. Teaching First Concealed Carry Class
  26. Compromise Reached On Concealed Carry In Illinois
  27. Going code brown......
  28. Anyone willing to sign a petition regarding LEOSA?
  29. texas vs oklahoma license
  30. CCW for City of Chicago
  31. concealed carry backpack
  32. A SubReddit Devoted To Reporting Defensive Gun Use.
  33. Forum rules!!!! Read me first!!!!
  34. Victim in Pasco hate crime had gun, decided not to use it
  35. "I just wanted to go somewhere where someone had a gun to protect me."
  36. Gov. Kasich Signs Am. HB495 to Improve Ohio CCW
  37. Off duty security guard may have caused Oregon shooter to stop
  38. Third Quarter 2012 CHL Statistics Set New Ohio Record
  39. Florida near 1,000,000 CCW holders....
  40. Arbitrator Overturns Firing of Canton Police Officer
  41. Printing
  42. Denver Co Folks
  43. Another one bites the dust.
  44. CHL holder does right.
  45. Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store
  46. 23 year old TX CHL holder drops gun at Wal-Mart; injures himself and 3 others
  47. 63 year old man - 1; two robbers - 0
  48. Another Reason for CCW Holders to Know the Rules
  49. California question......
  50. Another Ohio police chief who opposed CC admits his concerns were "without basis"
  51. Rule #2: Double Tap
  52. Many threads here about open carry but, here's my reasons for NOT
  53. Open carry in Oklahoma
  54. Several intruders killed
  55. NRA wants porch monkies to die.
  56. New Mexico: Call to action...
  57. CCP Holder stops attacks
  58. Voters approve concealed carry ordinance in Pike County, Illinois: Now What?
  59. Decisions, decisions! G26, USPc 9, or XDm 3.8?
  60. Ruling on right to carry outside the home
  61. Father arrives home to hostage situation, is shot and still manages to return fire
  62. MUST SEE!! No Fear - Former Ohio police detective espouses concealed carry
  63. Need some help on Alabama Concealed Carry
  64. FREE CCW classes (WI)
  65. Colorado Supreme Court strikes down CU's ban on concealed carry
  66. Citizens no longer need a reason to receive a concealed handgun permit!
  67. Did my CCW paperwork today
  68. Elderly cc licensee survives home invasion by shooting his armed attacker
  69. Who carries extra mag w/their conceal weapon
  70. Nationwide Starbucks "reverse boycott", or BUYcott, brings in many generous customers
  71. More Clownery in Canton OH
  72. Police and bar owners: No issues since reforms
  73. Concealed Carry Law Enforcement Notification: Is it a duty, or a courtesy?
  74. LEO Notification Reform Long Overdue
  75. Tripping over NYC’s Stupid Gun Laws
  76. Another CHL carrier arrests din NYC
  77. Passer-by shoots out window to help rescue children from icy
  78. Tn. tourist (woman) wanted to check gun at WTC
  79. Ohio and New Mexico Sign Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreeme
  80. U.S. House Passes NRA-backed National Right-to-Carry Recipro
  81. YAY!
  82. CCW Badges?? Yay or Nay
  83. Ohio firearms and concealed carry laws change Friday
  84. VIDEO: Dayton store clerk pulls CC handgun on armed robber
  85. PA non resident CCW
  86. Flying to GA from Fla how do I pack my handgun?
  87. Hearing Scheduled forthe National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity
  88. Yay I got my CCL !! But a buddy I know didnt have his !!
  89. How many rounds do you have or keep handy?
  90. Ohio & Louisiana Sign Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreem
  91. Open carry' ban wins approval in California Senate
  92. AG and Mayor Bloomberg Hail Concealed Weapons Ruling
  93. You Might Be Playing at Personal Defense If…
  94. Commissioners likely to overrule DA, public on guns
  95. The Myth of the “Warning Shot”
  96. SS190 usage
  97. Ohio Concealed Carry numbers hits new record
  98. CC group sues Cleveland Heights over gun restrictions
  99. Report: Gun crimes drop at Virginia bars and restaurants
  100. I need you all to do me a favor
  101. business owner with CC license defends self From Robbers
  102. Marine awarded for heroic actions taken as a CCW-licensed...
  103. IN vet detains robber, rips IL on news
  104. Ohio CCW holder defends life when attacked by armed robbers
  105. News article: Is Texas safer with CCW?
  106. Next phase in IL CCW fight
  107. WI becomes #49
  108. Utah Non-Resident CCW
  109. This is why I and you should CC
  110. Concealed carriers are the good guys
  111. NV honors CCW permits from...
  112. Law allowing blind to carry concealed guns intact
  113. Bengals won't allow concealed weapons
  114. Many NYC Handgun Permits Go to Tycoons Politicians & Cel
  115. Illinois CCW following
  116. Utah Non-Resident CCW Question
  117. Restaurant & Car Carry Rules Fix bills pass Senate commi
  118. CCW Looking better for Illinois
  119. Formerly anti-gun Ohio newspaper editor admits "I was w
  120. Know the Law: legal aspects of using deadly force
  121. Almost That Time Again
  122. Ohio concealed handgun licensee thwarts violent armed robber
  123. Details in fatal shooting in Detroit CCWVictim Returns Fire
  124. TN. Haslam Says He'd Support Carrying Guns Without Permit
  125. Wisconsin Court Finds State Carry Ban Unconstitutional
  126. More Texas women packing heat
  127. Open Carry question
  128. Rick Scott Promises to Sign Open Carry Bill for Florida
  129. Helpful links for CCW/CCP
  130. What AMMO do you have in your CCW?
  131. New Rules For Political Forums
  132. Florida Open Carry Petition
  133. Bank welcomes CHL holders
  134. Wisconsin Carry Inc file lawsuit against Madison Police
  135. Texas bank posts sign encouraging concealed carry
  136. Got my Out of State Florida CCW today!!
  137. couple with Ohio concealed carry licenses stop beating
  138. Police Have Concerns Over Kentucky Weapons Proposal
  139. Grim proof of loophole
  140. Man challenging constitutionality of gun permit revocation
  141. Interesting perspective from a Sheriff's on CCW
  142. Robbers Pick the Wrong Victim
  143. Ohio Gun bill would expand owners’ rights
  144. need for national reciprocitygrowing
  145. No Fear
  146. Chappell Hill Bank Allows Customers to Carry Guns Inside
  147. Just finished my 12 hours ccw class in 1 day
  148. Do you carry reloads or factory ammo in your CCW?
  149. Woman 2, thugs 0 after home invasion
  150. Violent crime has decreased in Ohio despite concealed carry
  151. Why you need to be armed (legally).
  152. Do you carry with a round chambered?
  153. 89 Year-Old gets license to carry
  154. 45 cal pistol v grizzly bear in Nat'l Park
  155. SALT LAKE CITY - allowed to flash their gun
  156. Arizona Constitutional Carry (SB 1108) signed by Governor Br
  157. Make your opinion known and vote on the CCW Poll on MSNBC
  158. What's the best caliber for a handgun?
  159. Holy Toledo!
  160. As gun owners, can we always call ourselves law abiding citi
  161. CCW: License to be cuffed and disarmed
  162. Gun permit not cause to handcuff and search ...
  163. +1 for Starbuck's
  164. Petition Help!!!!!
  165. Arizona Rep. Driggs, the NRA, and HB 2347
  167. He asked for disguised weapons?
  168. CCW Claim Jumper Restaurants
  169. GA: House Judiciary Committee to hear HB615
  170. Concealed arms reciprocity rejected by Senate
  171. Federal reciprocity bill is moving
  172. Delaware now honors Virginia permits
  173. Ex-Top cop kills robber
  174. Retrial ordered in fatal shooting of hiker
  175. Attention Cali residents!!!!
  176. virigina Gov VETOES 5 gun bills!!!!
  177. More Cali goodness perhaps???
  178. Proposed easing of concealed-weapons law draws fire
  179. Montana: Law would allow concealed guns without permit
  180. Attention North Carolina residents!
  181. Saturday Special: AB 357: What would change?
  182. Attention New Mexico residents!!!!
  183. Concealed-carry backers march to Capitol
  184. Grand Canyon Question
  185. Aiming for trouble in our national parks
  186. Pellet Gun Scares Would-Be Robber, Suspect at Large
  187. Arkansas: Concealed handguns in Church
  188. NRA, Utah gun lobby squabble over permit bill
  189. Barack Obama: "I Am Not In Favor Of Concealed Weapons
  190. Concealed Carry on Campus (TX)
  191. Professor Called Police After Student Presentation
  192. 'License bingo' a popular pursuit for gun owners
  193. Tennessee bills focus on gun owners
  194. Ore. lawmakers move to close gun permit records
  195. Panel pushes for right to carry concealed weapons(Illinois)
  196. Florida to hire of 61 temp workers for CHL backlogs
  197. Utah Bill would allow guns to remain in cars in private lots
  198. Who's packing?
  199. All fired up
  200. Man accidentally shoots himself at hospital cafe
  201. ARIZONA - Biill would allow guns in restaurants
  202. Legislature 2009: House backs concealed gun rights bill
  203. Looking down the barrel of an argument over guns
  204. Gun permit applications up 79% in Georgia
  205. Chicago - Representative Mitchell Proposes Gun Bill
  206. Stearns touts concealed weapons bill
  207. Conceal Carry Resources and Links
  208. Do you or don't U keep a round chambered in your carry gun?
  209. Let's see a pic of your carry gun!
  211. Do you have a CHL?