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  1. Surefire X300 Ultra mount choice for my Scar CQC
  2. An In-indepth look at The SCAR 16S
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  8. PMM SCAR Lower Rail elimination Panel's (REP's) now available.
  9. FTFs with Lancer AWM mags in SCAR 16s
  10. Bolt sticking and trigger issue
  11. Mag Question
  12. Patience dwindling
  13. Heavy cam pin ware.
  14. Geissele trigger making contact with Scar hammer
  15. 5000 Rd Endurance Test Report
  16. stupid question of the week: SCAR 16 BUIS fit an AR15?
  17. Bolt sticking & trigger install
  18. Is it normal
  19. Any SCAR Owners in NE Florida (Jacksonville)?
  20. PMM Picatinny Rail Extension (PRE) Now Available for Order!
  21. PMM Thanksgiving Day Sale
  22. PMM SCAR 1913 2" Rail Extension.
  23. PMM Rear QD Mount for KDG SAS Stock Kits
  24. SCAR 16 TCS 123 drill and some Team movement shooting.
  25. SCAR 16S BOLT VIEW Is this normal ?
  26. Before and after barrel chop and pinning for 16" BAFT
  27. What is the currently issued (.mil) flash hider for the SCAR MK16/17? ECP or AAC?
  28. Factory 14 inch barrel profile..
  29. Cleaning scar 16 frame
  30. SCAR 16S at 600 yards
  31. SCAR 16s improvements/updates/changes?
  32. SCAR 16s accuracy (group photo)
  33. SCAR 16s - Hornady 75gr BTHP FTF issues
  34. PMM - Picatinny Rail Extension, Looking for Interest
  35. SCAR 16S availability
  36. Scar 16s cqc
  37. Help on KDG rear QD mount install
  38. Heavy Usage Failure Points for Scar16, ARs AKs, HKs, Glock, Sigs @ Battlefield Vegas
  39. Barrel extension thread pitch
  40. Help!!!!!
  41. Would you guys recommend the Scar 16s over the FS2000?
  42. The FN SCAR 16s: Is It Worth The Money?
  43. Used Scar 16
  44. Double Feeding...
  45. Factory 10" barrel vs Cut SBR barrel
  46. KDG MREX 4.9” or PMM rail extension for 16” SCAR 16S?
  47. SCAR Barrel Removal and Installation
  48. New setup on old FDE 16
  49. PMM Independence Day Sale
  50. PMM Rail Elimination Panels (REP's) Available Now.
  51. PMM New Product News.
  52. Placing barrel on wall - off point of aim
  53. Aluminum Enhanced Barrel Support Screw Housing (SCAR 16 & 17)
  54. New Scar owner
  55. 5.11 Covrt M4 Shorty
  56. Question about front sight alignment notches.
  57. Mototech Internal Components (Also for your SCAR16)
  58. PMM MLOK Rail Extension (MRE)
  59. Firing pin
  60. Scar 16 factory muzzle brake question
  61. PMM SCAR 16/17 Mlok Rail Extension (MRE) Available now.
  62. Why no SCAR pistols?
  63. Price check, aisle 5!
  64. Any magpul D-60 users yet?
  65. New member and a new scar 16 fde
  66. Scar 16s fde accuracy results
  67. Need to ID this piece
  68. PMM SCAR CQC 2" Rail Extension Images
  69. Help diagnose this issue with my SCAR16S
  70. Broke my Scar
  71. Where are the Scar 16's all hiding?
  72. SCAR 16S Dope Card Fabrication Project step-by-step
  73. My new 16s fde!
  74. My scar 16 with it's brothers in arms
  75. 16S with PWS SRX+AFG+Covers is a tad heavy
  76. Scar 16 ejector re-install
  77. PMM SCAR's Shoot and Scoot Drills 4/11/2016
  78. Where can I buy a FN SCAR-16 CQC? Also, Can it add a Muzzle Brake and Suppressor?
  79. FDE SCAR Color Match?
  80. Question about Scar 16 muzzle
  81. 6.8 conversion kits
  82. 26 modifications to a FN SCAR 16 and Review
  83. Scar 16
  84. SCAR Piston removing tool a must have.
  85. Weight of your 16
  86. School me on blem 16S
  87. "Improvements" to SCAR 16s'?
  88. FN SCAR Piston cleaning step-by-step walk thru and observations
  89. Scar ambi charging handle?
  90. Gerber crew served weapons tool for scar
  91. Information on E-Lander magazines
  92. Select fire SCAR-L
  93. SCAR 16 moving in the real world.
  94. New SCAR 16S
  95. How I almost screwed up my SCAR 16s
  96. SCAR 16s ejector shell pad question
  97. Should I jump on this deal?
  98. Building 6.8 SCAR 16S
  99. SCAR Maintenance
  100. Stock
  101. Aug A3 vs SCAR 16s
  102. Thanks ADCO
  103. Non NFA route
  104. Rear sight
  105. FN SCAR 16s with Super SlowMo | Jerry Miculek
  106. lake City Green tip (62g)- Several FTF
  107. Spray cleaner- plastic safe
  108. Lower Parts Kit
  109. How is SCAR 16 availability? My Dealer can't get one.....
  110. SCAR 16s Accuracy Issues?
  111. Scar front flip up sight issue
  112. New 16S
  113. FN 16 scar magazine release spring question
  114. buying a 16s and need help planning I dont wanna make a mistake
  115. Gas Block Pin
  116. Brand New Pelican!!!
  117. Why is my 16s picky on ammo all of the sudden?
  118. 16S and Steyr AUG A3
  119. SCAR Barrel's Chamber Not Fully Chromed?
  120. Proud new owner of my first fde 16.
  121. Fixing FDE color variation? what have you guys done or not done
  122. pin/welded suppressor mount for a 14" barrel to 16"?
  123. New scar 16s owner
  124. What Santa left!
  125. Geissele Reaction Rod for SCAR 16S
  126. Scar 16s magazine question
  127. No scar 16 fde in stock???
  128. Which mount height for Trijicon MRO and SCAR 16
  129. Barrel 18" for SCAR 16S Long
  130. What kind of accuracy to expect from the 10in barrel?
  131. Polenar Tactical Video.. Scar 16 vs. AK
  132. Source for FN OEM Scar 16s 10 round magazines?
  133. PMM Thanksgiving Sale
  134. chop or not??
  135. PMM Vetrans Day Sale starts tonight
  136. Bullet scarring
  137. PMM Geissele Automatics Trigger Sale.
  138. Parts Availability
  139. SCAR Barrel Work and engraving from PMM
  140. Gotta love the USGI 20-rds mags
  141. JT Grip for the 16? (bump fire alternative)
  142. Recoil spring and gas ring lifespan
  143. Part availability
  144. Bolt lifespan for SCAR 16
  145. Best price/place to buy a Scar 16 FDE??
  146. I went to Jarod!
  147. PMM Precision Barrel cutting and pinning breakdown on a SCAR Barrel.
  148. First failure of the 16
  149. single-piece rail cover for SCAR?`
  150. FN SCAR-16s 14" Barrel Pinning Options
  151. Just picked up a new FDE 16s, next is a form 1!
  152. SCAR 16s barrel extension removal question
  153. FN 16S SCAR Impresses: WTH?! [Full Review] by Nutnfancy
  154. PMM SCAR Lightweight Lower 1913 Rail Section Available Now.
  155. First FN SCAR experience
  156. East Coast Chop Shop....
  157. New SCAR owner- just installed a Midwest SOCOM-X
  158. Scar 16 and thermal sights
  159. ...stole a SCAR 16s!
  160. SCAR 16 gas system tuning.
  161. PMM Geissele Automatics Trigger Sale.
  162. LOVING my new 16s after a few mods
  163. Kinetic Development Group Stock
  164. The loves of my life
  165. SCAR 16 chokes after 12 rounds on a dirt test
  166. Not sure this counts as a 16s PMM SCAR CQC Video.
  167. Awesome day at the range
  168. First time shooting a SCAR 16
  169. SCAR 16 Charging Handle
  170. HKG36....vs Scar 16
  171. PMM SCAR Geissele Trigger Package.
  172. Factory Suppressor Mount Value?
  173. PMM MLOK Rails Now Available.
  174. Blue Force Gear Sling
  175. SCAR lower ?
  176. Stripped lower screws
  177. To Buy or Not to Buy...
  178. Replacing Timney Trigger with Geissele
  179. PMM SCAR CQC Images
  180. PMM Ultra lite SCAR 1913 Lower Rail Feeler.
  181. Glad to be a 16 owner again (3rd time)
  182. Lancer Magazines
  183. Scar bolt/barrel extension unusual wear.
  184. Ejector tab wear
  185. PMM MAGPUL MOE+ Grips Back In Stock
  186. impromptu SCARget practice
  187. SCAR16 update? debris/casing shield above chamber?
  188. PMM $5.00 on the 4th Sale.
  189. SCAR Price Increase
  190. PMM Gen 2 SCAR Selector Levers Are now Available
  191. East meets West Quietly
  192. Best Strap?
  193. How badly did I screw up?
  194. Made my accessories match today
  195. My SCAR 16s!
  196. Big brother got a new sibling
  197. Height of Sight over bore?
  198. Adco
  199. Selling My SCAR 16
  200. Do you shoot your Scar 16 in an indoor range?
  201. Stripped scar 16 barrel
  202. .300 blackout for Scar 16s
  203. Guns&Tactics Ariticle
  204. Finally got a recoil assembly for my SCAR 16
  205. New member/finally pulled the trigger
  206. Need to loose some LBS on my scar duty weapon...any ideas
  207. Trade scar 16s for T2 micro and larue mount Brand new, Colt series 70 1911 and LE6920
  208. Added a black 16S
  209. Super SCAR Triggers.
  210. Magpul Gen 3 pmag question
  211. Greasing the gas block
  212. New Scar with oxidadion on FH?
  213. Meet my new Mistress, New scar owner longtime fan.
  214. Made a NOOB mistake
  215. PMM Parts Stock Update.
  216. PMM SCAR Oversized Magazine Release Buttons available now.
  217. Finally got one brothers!
  218. Timney Trigger Runaway?
  219. Help Needed. Bullet Button Removal.
  220. Drums
  221. PMM RADDLOCK Compliant BCD Now available.
  222. PMM SCAR QD Mounts now Available in FDE.
  223. PMM SCAR Lower Key Mod Rails Available now.
  224. SCAR 16S On The Way, Finally!!!
  225. Address for form 1 for "original Manufacturer"
  226. Is there a point at which the 16 becomes unreliable from a short barrel?
  227. PMM SCAR Magazine Button Teaser images.
  228. might be in trouble
  229. What is the cause of the barrel cant?
  230. Strange bolt in upper mag well came loose?
  231. Scratches on inside upper receiver
  232. Why you should buy a SCAR
  233. Question for those who have installed the Geissele Super Scar Trigger
  234. Can someone please point me to the tool for installing the extractor retaining clip?
  235. Smooooth
  236. $1,700 Scar16....yes please.
  237. Extractor Spring Rubber insert
  238. Trigger job?
  239. slim SCAR upper options
  240. Gas Piston won't come out
  241. New Scar 16S, scraping sound from spring.
  242. Barrel Torx screws
  243. New scar 16s!
  244. Help needed, scar 16s won't fire, seating on a pile of mud and waiting
  245. SCAR cleaning
  246. Anyone tried the H&K translucent magazines in the 16s? Any issues??
  247. And now for my next trick
  248. SCAR16 and MK262 type ammo
  249. PMM Mlock Rail Product Announcement.
  250. Current 16s Bolt