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  1. Well... I finally broke down and got a Scar 16... To go with my Scar 17.. : P
  2. My SCAR 16S Version 1.0
  3. Today was a good day
  4. My First SCAR-17
  5. Blue SCAR 17s and FNS9
  6. Belgium, Czech Republic, and Switzerland
  7. Pmm pre
  8. Photos
  9. My 17 setup
  10. Scarzillas
  11. My Scar 17s; Huge Thanks Ken over at Kerif Nightvision!
  12. Never seen this one.
  13. Scar pics from last class
  14. My 16s with Elcan and dbal I2
  15. My Scar 17 kit....
  16. Doubled Down on my Scars....
  17. Firebreathing Scar
  18. Finished little FN family photo (hopefully)
  19. Sunday Funday
  20. SCARs finished for now
  21. Here's my four FN Scar Projects
  22. San Diego SCAR 17
  23. Going To The Range
  24. Finally... The Wait is Over!
  25. Scar 17s and elcan
  26. Short barrel Scar spotted in Belgium terror raids
  27. There's a 17s in the pic, so I guess it'll fit, here...
  28. SCAR-Light Night...
  29. Completed SCAR 17
  30. SOCOM Special SCAR 17S
  31. My new SCAR17
  32. SCAR 17 with Stryker lower and custom cerakote from Sterling Arsenal
  33. SCAR got a pig, I didn't help...
  34. SCAR ARTWORK 75th Ranger Regiment and 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
  35. You guys were right, I did buy the 17 after obtaining the 16
  36. My new fde 17s!
  37. Scar 16s & FNP 45
  38. First post pics of my scar17
  39. Got tired of the 7 colors of FDE.
  40. SCAR Mk16 Helping in Paris
  41. SCAR made 3-gun ready
  42. Range Pic
  43. Scar 17s Camouflage Paint Job
  44. Carbine & Canine
  45. Completed my set
  46. The kids
  47. Pmm keymod side and bottom rails added
  48. Some goodies & upgrades added to the 16s
  49. SE EACH on sale so why not ambi?
  50. Think I'm finished
  51. Heavy...
  52. Finsihed My SCAR 17s Today
  53. 16s and fnx
  54. Bona fide....finally
  55. New member and 17 owner here, first official pic!
  56. Murica!
  57. Just when I thought I was done....
  58. My Beloved Bella
  59. Some Pics I Ran Across
  60. My new Scar 17.
  61. My SCAR 17s contribution
  62. My New Scar 17S!
  63. SCAR 17S + Leupold VX-6 2-12x42mm CDS-ZL
  64. Scar 17 cerakoting jobs
  65. SEAL photos incoming....
  66. My 16s
  67. Having Fun at Rio Salado Sportmans Club, AZ
  68. Kinda new guy intro + pics
  69. SCAR 17 load outs and war belt setups?
  70. 17s
  71. Snow camo thread
  72. Shooting Scars & ps90 at the Range
  73. Played the shim game. Finally got it right. Scar 16 supressed.
  74. The Apex rifle is decked out and ready to go!!!
  75. Found these in the oven !!!
  76. The New Hotness
  77. Scar 16s finished for now
  78. My new SCAR 17!
  79. scar16 being used to protect freedom
  80. The Triple Threat
  81. Battle of the "Battle Rifles"!?!
  82. FN SCAR 16s and Friends
  83. Next to the DTA
  84. Big Brother / Little Brother 17S/16S
  85. Ordered a SCAR Limited Edition Print. Pretty cool.
  86. Belgian Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (HD)
  87. Popped the SCARs game cherry finally
  88. White SCARs in the new "Kingsmen" trailer
  89. Haven't Posted in a while, so here's a pic of her all done...
  90. Finally got a BAD-DLE Rifle "New SCAR 17"!
  91. Santa Needs Protection Too
  92. Surefire on my 16
  93. Post your primary gear and weapons here!!!
  94. Black 16s
  95. 'Black' ops-CQC (He-he) and some uncommon choices
  96. Scar 17s almost done
  97. my 17 setup
  98. Does anyone know what this front sight is on the Mk 20 (and how to get it)?
  99. Thanks Sarge!!!
  100. 37 PSR gun range.. Took the SCAR's out for a day of shooting.
  101. Black 17 DMR
  102. SCAR 17 Pic Request (NF 2.5-10x42)
  103. My SCAR17S's
  104. I couldn't help myself...
  105. Stamps are back, it's show and tell time
  106. My new Scar 17S FDE with some added features
  107. New Member with pic of the two stamper
  108. Airsoft or real?
  109. SCAR in Airforce Recruiting picture
  110. Tula Ammo
  111. FDE Addiction
  112. Female Army SSgt got to fire the SCAR 17 today. And she liked it!!! (Pics)
  113. Kid brother got new glasses
  114. Pure awesomeness.
  115. Hello, Operator....?
  116. Proof of Life
  117. Played with some of my "scary black guns" at the range today...
  118. Pic Request - SCAR 16 precision/recce setups
  119. FDE Galore
  120. Scar out on her first trip in the Oregon desert
  121. Proud new SCAR 17 owner!!
  122. New 17 .. Woo!
  123. Noob here... Here's my Scar 17s.. Hope you guys like it
  124. Range pic
  125. Got Some Optic and Other Goodies!
  126. Here are mine
  127. Evil Black Rifle group photo
  128. Getting there...
  129. Finally Assembled the Triplet
  130. Had to take this group pic!
  131. Changed the 17 up a little bit.
  132. Black 17S finished, for now :)
  133. My little FN collection
  134. My Family!
  135. Finally a 16S added
  136. Almost Complete Scar
  137. A family photo to remember
  138. 16s pic
  139. Got some FN love here
  140. New scar 17 fde'ish
  141. Scar 16 (Before & After upgrades)
  142. New black 16s...just joined the club
  143. My SCAR 16s FDE and a couple of sidekicks
  144. New home and house warming gift for my SCAR 17s
  145. Early Birthday Gifts....
  146. These will be in jail today. :/
  147. Upgraded scar 16
  148. New SCAR 16 and 17 owner! + now pics of SCAR 17
  149. Scar 17s od fde ?
  150. techspec6's SCAR 17s
  151. got some stuff i added to my scar16s
  152. Added a SCAR 16S to the FN Family
  153. My FDE Scar 17
  154. Check out this pair!
  155. Scar 17 next to the baby crib
  156. I hate u guys... Myself included
  157. My New SCAR 16S and a Brown Truck Surprise (PIC HEAVY)
  158. My Trio of SCAR's
  159. Birthday present from the wife.
  160. A little gun porn this Sunday
  161. The Wife & kids....
  162. Some new SCAR additions- the set is complete
  163. FN what?
  164. The SCAR made while in Japan
  165. wood grain scar
  166. Scars playing in the snow
  167. There Are Many Like It
  168. New member, New SCAR
  169. Added an extension, Looks much better now.
  170. The 16S and 17S FDE SCARs and the Lotus Elise Type 111R
  171. SCARs, and the rest of the FN family (cat free version)
  172. My new FDE SCAR 17 with OD Green Upper
  173. Not a SCAR but still a really awesome surprise from my wife
  174. Newbie with a freshly painted SCAR 16
  175. West Texas Shooting
  176. Black SCARs "In The Wild"
  177. Cerakote SCARS Pics?
  178. Fn scar 17s texas feral hog slayer.
  179. Finished for now
  180. How to Concealed Carry your SBR
  181. First time to the range!
  182. New member with painted 16s
  183. My SCAR-H
  184. New buddy for my scar
  185. My pair.
  186. new to the forum with my contribution
  187. My new 17S-A work in progress
  188. My SCAR Family plus my new addition
  189. New member with my new SCAR 17S
  190. New 17S almost done
  191. New SCAR Guy here (17S), almost finished..
  192. WIP BiColor SCAR 16s
  193. Just a Picture of Two of My Favorite Things!
  194. My 17s
  195. Think I'm done with this one
  196. Really cool Scar Print
  197. SCAR 17S pictures....
  198. New SCAR 17S Owner
  199. Navy SEAL Foundation video with a few SCAR
  200. finally took some pics of the kids
  201. First time shooting my SCAR 17s
  202. My SCAR 17
  203. New member...New SCAR 17s...
  204. ACOG with RMR mounted on my 16s
  205. FN SCAR Desktop Tuesdays?
  206. FN Family & Friends Picture Day (show off your Collection/cache/weapons depot/babies)
  207. Bi-annual range trip
  208. FNAR & SCAR 17S pics of FNH my rifles with backdrop.
  209. My 17S and friends
  210. Finally got out to a range.
  211. FN Party
  212. My "Little" Scar
  213. Firing my 16s from the kneeling
  214. My SCAR 16
  215. My little hump day FN Photo
  216. My SCAR -17 High Definition Photo's
  217. My 17s
  218. A few shots I took today on the rocks. SCAR 17 and FNX 40/9
  219. So honestly i'm not doing this on purpose...
  220. My New SCAR 17
  221. 17 with MFI rail, atlas, and Elcan
  222. Trying out the ECP on my 17S
  223. My New Scar 17
  224. My FDEs go public
  225. New FN Family photo
  226. Police Have a LOT of money these days! Look what I found...
  227. My SCAR 16S with new Trijicon TA33G-H
  228. Midwest rail on scar 16
  229. New hog light....
  230. I wonder how many shades of fde/brown/tan/bronze/coyote i can get?
  231. My New additions to the family
  232. Can I hang out with you guys?
  233. My new FDE SCAR 16s in it's new home
  234. SCAR 16 10" - My little friend.
  235. Some good results Hog hunting with the SCAR17 this weekend
  236. My dork SCAR 17 photo
  237. A Very Good Day
  238. Joining the Family
  239. My new SCAR 17
  240. Facebook photo I thought I would share........
  241. Sexy Scar 16S Porn
  242. My SCAR 17S(Before, after and then way after)
  243. I am in love!
  244. Back in Black !
  245. Project on 17s almost over
  246. Posting first photos of my 17S
  247. New custom rails for the SCAR
  248. All You Need Is Kill
  249. Range Pic From Yesterday
  250. SCAR weekend