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  1. Macs new 2017 Pistol Torture Test!
  2. Illegal Dreamers...the Lie that Trump Believes
  3. Moved to Illinois...this is what it is like...
  4. AK parts dried up ?
  5. This is just sick! Painting of decapitated Trump.
  6. A true hand cannon. Not mine but too ridiculous not to share.
  7. Bill O'Reilly is officially out at Fox News
  8. Fresno terrorist attack kills 3
  9. Does anyone use a hydration bladder on a regular basis?
  10. Three dead in central Fresno shooting spree; suspect caught
  11. Fn 509
  12. Civil war in the USA ...NOW
  13. Spring, when a young man's fancy turns to love
  14. FN protests selection of P320 by Immigration and Customs
  15. USAF drops MOAB on ISIS
  16. Fast and Furious scandal: Suspected triggerman in border agent's murder arrested
  17. FN Forum Marketplace!
  18. PSA, don't video people at the range...
  19. If you touch a brace to your shoulder are you in trouble?
  20. Rust in brand new CHF CL Barrel?
  21. Happy "EASTER" to all!
  22. United new slogans
  23. But its bad now that Trump did it.
  24. 4 Victims Reported After Elementary School Shooting in San Bernardino
  25. Joseph Jakubowski manhunt
  26. I had forgotten all about this piece of human debris
  27. Anyone knowledgeable with OTA HD Antennas?
  28. Syrian chemical attack survivor has an incredible message for Trump and anti-Trump pr
  30. Top 10 Reasons Why Men Prefer Guns Over Women
  31. Black Rifle Coffee Company has an ISIS BUTTON!!!
  32. I met a girl
  33. US just launched over 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria!!!
  34. Has the SCAR been fired???
  35. First focal plane or second focal plane optics... Which do you prefer?
  36. 500 illegally siezed firearms returned to Clovis family after court battle.
  37. Dead criminals family says AR15 made it an unfair fight.
  38. New Vortex/Hornady Bullet Cam
  39. --Neo-mag, conceal magazine--
  40. Depleated Uranium - anti drone 12 ga round!
  41. As a veteran...
  42. So this guy walks into a bar...
  43. Which is a better system - Franklin BFS or Fostech Echo?
  44. Just a thought on new EE posts.
  45. A really cool piece of history. Self loading SMLE conversion.
  46. Good guys 3 bad guys 0
  47. Why would someone put spike rims on their car?
  48. Everybody wins something!
  49. Want
  50. I am definately going to take this guys defense classes!!
  51. Any Electric Generator Experts here? Need help/Info! Thank You.
  52. Pulse victims now are suing the shooters EMPLOYER! NOw its thier fault. LOL
  53. these guys make this annoying song actually sound good
  54. Terror attack in London
  55. Robber shoots self in head after being struck by (not gonna be a) victim's car.
  56. Plz Help ID my rifle...
  57. What's up with Handl Defense?
  58. I'm the father of the year
  59. Music can and does soothe the soul...
  60. Instructor brushes of accidental/negligent discharge
  61. Happy ST. Patriks Day to all!
  62. Let us have a discussion about this guy.
  63. Parents and Kids these days !!!
  64. Meet Flippy the Burger Robot
  65. Hello again
  66. Time change
  67. MSA Sordin Pro X or Peltor Tactical Pro
  68. Puppy Name?
  69. If you're going 80 mph how long will it take go to 80 miles? Easy enough right?
  70. Proof Soros is funding these protests
  71. More fake news from the MSN
  72. Newest and most welcome member of the family.
  73. -- need some help finding a pistol--
  74. I am paranoid now
  75. Joint Address Issues Survey
  76. The Snowflake awards tonight 8:00
  77. The Snowflake awards tonight 8:00
  78. Arizona Sheriff Releasing 400 “Criminal Illegal Immigrants” Every 10 Days
  79. -- true event, thoughts/reactions ?--
  80. This is just rediculous
  81. How dirty do your cleaning rags get before you get rid of them?
  82. People actually get paid to do this
  83. The Most Armed Man in America , Weapons Tour
  84. CNN is Very Fake News
  85. Thug Armed With Assault Rifle Threatens To Murder Man For Having Trump Bumper Sticker
  86. Scam alert!!!!
  87. Neighbors going to need really GOOD Ear Pro......SOOOOON!
  88. FSN on tv tonight..
  89. For some reason, this Flynn thing really upsets me...
  90. The Shooting Range (Commerical)
  91. I guess it's true, that saying about the Apple and the Tree, sickening as it is!
  92. Deportation Illegals
  93. Pray for our future, we are going to need it!
  94. NoKorea Ballistic test fire - Kim Jong un must have a deth wish
  95. WARNING! Seriously, you can't make this stuff up and it IS on!
  96. ICE Finally appear to be doing their job!
  97. DPKR (North Korea) has test fired a Ballistic Missile, waiting on Trump's reaction!
  98. John Wick 2
  99. Online shopping and credit card fraud.
  100. PSA: GDO Lock Info...
  101. Startin' to git real 'round heahh...
  102. Senate Confirms sessions as AG
  103. Is Big Corp. behind bringing in all the refugees?
  104. You're in the wrong line of work
  105. John Boy & Billy
  106. Water Heater
  107. The Fun Of Twins
  108. Lady Gaga's Desperate Attempt to Save Her Failing Career
  109. Patriots Or Falcons
  110. Don't Mess With Them Old Guys
  111. New All Wireless Smart WiFi Camera System...
  112. Mess with the bull??
  113. Anyone into free thought?
  114. Liz Wheeler Is awesome
  115. Milo... who is he?
  116. Discipline Equals Freedom.....
  117. FN Forum "Karma"/Pay It Forward: Free Geissele Super Scar to one lucky forum member!
  118. Judge neil gorsuch chosen for chosen for scotus
  119. Should Have Known Better
  120. Guess the platform.....
  121. Anyone here do a CNC conversion for a SEIG X2 Mini Mill (HF 44991)
  122. Made it back to sand land and can you guess what was responsible for this?
  123. Goodbye Directv
  124. Iffy "caught on camera" channels. Physicality etc., Legal or not?
  125. My least favorite part about taking leave. The end.
  126. Taxes
  127. Who knew we were watching prophecy at the time
  128. Big Joe got it right........must watch
  129. -- this may be the funniest video you hve seen recently--
  130. Calexit I say YES!
  131. Liberty Gun Safe Giveaway
  132. It could only happen to me
  133. A Pretty Good Day
  134. Southeast Members
  135. Cajun French names I could use
  136. The Inauguration Speech...American Pride
  137. Transmission Gurus.....Ford E4OD Transmission - part identification help????
  138. MSM call Trumps speech Hitlarian
  139. Trump's youngest son
  140. Joke for the Married Guys...
  141. Can/Will the Fostech Echo Trigger be the Catalyst to Repeal the Hughes Amendment?
  142. Obamma commutes sentence of Bradley/Chelsea Manning
  143. More Idiocracy
  144. Time to contact your congressman
  145. Any advice on switching careers from education to the business world?
  146. Good Guy To The Rescue
  147. USA Network's SHOOTER
  148. Anyone have a rubber dummy target?
  149. 4 Seconds: Why we practice and train (Attempted Robbery - it will shock you!)
  150. Jocko - Good
  151. Peltor Comtac iii question
  152. All hell broke loose.
  153. Official CFP Championship Thread Clemson vs Alabama
  154. -- shot show 2017 --
  155. What the Hell?
  156. Happiness is watching........
  157. Zombies
  158. This Is New
  159. NRA asking you to contact your senators in support pro 2nd nominee for AG
  160. Shooting In Florida.
  161. Lifeboat Is Ready
  162. Hate Crimes on the rise against Whites
  163. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is February 1st.
  164. US schools vs Russian schools
  165. Charles Manson (82) Taken To Hospital for "Serious" Illness...
  166. How should I handle this - ER and guns
  167. ArmsCare Firearm Insurance
  168. -- happy new year post -- where are u, how it going?
  169. Happy New Year
  170. Happy New Year!
  171. F-in California
  172. 2016...The Year of the Gun
  173. Carrie Fisher has gone to the Force
  174. Need some computer monitor assistance, please?
  175. Range Instructor Almost Get Students Shot During Firearms Training Class
  176. Merry Christmas!
  177. Henry Repeaters Commercials on TV
  178. Peace through Strength is Back Baby!
  179. Inquiring Minds Want To Know
  180. An excellent coffee table book
  181. A new song....
  182. Kids and toy guns
  183. Anyone wanna celebrate Christmas in Berlin this year?
  184. Bore Snake v Traditional Cleaning Methods
  185. Another Lube - AntiVenom-XPLC from Strike Industries
  186. All Over But The Crying
  187. Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated.
  188. Death Taxes And CVS
  189. Trump Hate crime hoax
  190. Lets talk snowblowers !
  191. Remember that elector who wrote the NYT op ed claiming he was a 9/11 responder?
  192. Suicide or attempted murder?
  193. professor-calls-911-on-cop-for-wearing-gun-uniform-in-class
  194. Delta Airlines Sux
  195. And they go full retard...
  196. Rough Week For Electronic Gear
  197. Knesek Guns
  198. I need help- I cannot find a set of 6.5 grendel go/nogo gauges. Does anyone have them
  199. I Have Finally Solved the Toilet Seat Dilemma...Thank You Transgenders
  200. Need Help with " SUREFIRE " flashlights
  201. Joke: Male Logic
  202. How to make wooden barrel Vice Blocks?
  203. Loss of an american hero John Glenn dies at age 95
  204. May be moving to Atlanta
  205. Sunday December 7TH 1941...
  206. The Season's Upon Us
  207. One of the best gag gifts I have ever received.
  208. Ben Carson for secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  209. Yet again another passes away...
  210. Merry Christmas
  211. Garage Door Openers (GDO's) Jackshaft or Trolley, anyone know the GDO?
  212. Ft Worth PD Recruitment Video - Outstanding!
  213. Teaching your kids to shoot
  214. Trumps choice for sec of defense!
  215. Just Got The Call
  216. I dislike leaves oh so very very much....
  217. So much for President Trump's plans for a wall
  218. Lightening gun at 28,000FPS. Inspired by Tesla.
  219. No Fed money to Colleges or students who burn flag
  220. Smile for the camera!
  221. Pelosi fends off challenge to leadership
  222. $15 per hour protests are killing jobs
  223. New anti-gun movie
  224. At Least 8 Injured In Mass Shooting At Ohio State University
  225. Larry Sinclair blows whistle on Obama, he is now dead.
  226. Derrial Book "Shepherd" has died. RIP Ron Glass!
  227. Pres candidate from Green Party forcing a vote recount in Wisconsin
  228. Finally painted some of my gear
  229. The Perils of Boredom
  230. Navy Reports More Than One Hundred Thousand Sailors Hacked
  231. Turkey? Happy Thanksgiving.
  232. POST WHORE "VII" [The Next Chapter]
  233. al Qaeda’s plan to destroy U.S. through immigration
  234. Busy Busy
  235. Who won the final count of the popular votes? Hitlery or Trump?
  236. !!happy thanksgiving!!
  237. Trump won’t pursue charges against Clinton
  238. Machinegun shooting through plane propeller at 120,000FPS.
  239. "It's over"!
  240. Seven Time Champ
  241. New additions to the arsenal
  242. New to Me (Used) Safe
  243. Good Guy To The Rescue
  244. I am Disturbed by this video
  245. And Douche bag of the year goes to......
  246. Camera and microphone for shooting gun videos? Advice is greatly appreciated.
  247. BATFE Nomination
  248. Don't mess with Texas DPS....
  249. Desprately seeking your guidance on a matter of great import
  250. Thank You!