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  1. Trump's youngest son
  2. Joke for the Married Guys...
  3. Can/Will the Fostech Echo Trigger be the Catalyst to Repeal the Hughes Amendment?
  4. Obamma commutes sentence of Bradley/Chelsea Manning
  5. More Idiocracy
  6. Time to contact your congressman
  7. Any advice on switching careers from education to the business world?
  8. Good Guy To The Rescue
  9. USA Network's SHOOTER
  10. Anyone have a rubber dummy target?
  11. 4 Seconds: Why we practice and train (Attempted Robbery - it will shock you!)
  12. Jocko - Good
  13. Peltor Comtac iii question
  14. All hell broke loose.
  15. Official CFP Championship Thread Clemson vs Alabama
  16. -- shot show 2017 --
  17. What the Hell?
  18. Happiness is watching........
  19. Zombies
  20. This Is New
  21. NRA asking you to contact your senators in support pro 2nd nominee for AG
  22. Shooting In Florida.
  23. Lifeboat Is Ready
  24. Hate Crimes on the rise against Whites
  25. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is February 1st.
  26. US schools vs Russian schools
  27. Charles Manson (82) Taken To Hospital for "Serious" Illness...
  28. How should I handle this - ER and guns
  29. ArmsCare Firearm Insurance
  30. -- happy new year post -- where are u, how it going?
  31. Happy New Year
  32. Happy New Year!
  33. F-in California
  34. 2016...The Year of the Gun
  35. Carrie Fisher has gone to the Force
  36. Need some computer monitor assistance, please?
  37. Range Instructor Almost Get Students Shot During Firearms Training Class
  38. Merry Christmas!
  39. Henry Repeaters Commercials on TV
  40. Peace through Strength is Back Baby!
  41. Inquiring Minds Want To Know
  42. An excellent coffee table book
  43. A new song....
  44. Kids and toy guns
  45. Anyone wanna celebrate Christmas in Berlin this year?
  46. Bore Snake v Traditional Cleaning Methods
  47. Another Lube - AntiVenom-XPLC from Strike Industries
  48. All Over But The Crying
  49. Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated.
  50. Death Taxes And CVS
  51. Trump Hate crime hoax
  52. Lets talk snowblowers !
  53. Remember that elector who wrote the NYT op ed claiming he was a 9/11 responder?
  54. Suicide or attempted murder?
  55. professor-calls-911-on-cop-for-wearing-gun-uniform-in-class
  56. Delta Airlines Sux
  57. And they go full retard...
  58. Rough Week For Electronic Gear
  59. Knesek Guns
  60. I need help- I cannot find a set of 6.5 grendel go/nogo gauges. Does anyone have them
  61. I Have Finally Solved the Toilet Seat Dilemma...Thank You Transgenders
  62. Need Help with " SUREFIRE " flashlights
  63. Joke: Male Logic
  64. How to make wooden barrel Vice Blocks?
  65. Loss of an american hero John Glenn dies at age 95
  66. May be moving to Atlanta
  67. Sunday December 7TH 1941...
  68. The Season's Upon Us
  69. One of the best gag gifts I have ever received.
  70. Ben Carson for secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  71. Yet again another passes away...
  72. Merry Christmas
  73. Garage Door Openers (GDO's) Jackshaft or Trolley, anyone know the GDO?
  74. Ft Worth PD Recruitment Video - Outstanding!
  75. Teaching your kids to shoot
  76. Trumps choice for sec of defense!
  77. Just Got The Call
  78. I dislike leaves oh so very very much....
  79. So much for President Trump's plans for a wall
  80. Lightening gun at 28,000FPS. Inspired by Tesla.
  81. No Fed money to Colleges or students who burn flag
  82. Smile for the camera!
  83. Pelosi fends off challenge to leadership
  84. $15 per hour protests are killing jobs
  85. New anti-gun movie
  86. At Least 8 Injured In Mass Shooting At Ohio State University
  87. Larry Sinclair blows whistle on Obama, he is now dead.
  88. Derrial Book "Shepherd" has died. RIP Ron Glass!
  89. Pres candidate from Green Party forcing a vote recount in Wisconsin
  90. Finally painted some of my gear
  91. The Perils of Boredom
  92. Navy Reports More Than One Hundred Thousand Sailors Hacked
  93. Turkey? Happy Thanksgiving.
  94. POST WHORE "VII" [The Next Chapter]
  95. al Qaeda’s plan to destroy U.S. through immigration
  96. Busy Busy
  97. Who won the final count of the popular votes? Hitlery or Trump?
  98. !!happy thanksgiving!!
  99. Trump won’t pursue charges against Clinton
  100. Machinegun shooting through plane propeller at 120,000FPS.
  101. "It's over"!
  102. Seven Time Champ
  103. New additions to the arsenal
  104. New to Me (Used) Safe
  105. Good Guy To The Rescue
  106. I am Disturbed by this video
  107. And Douche bag of the year goes to......
  108. Camera and microphone for shooting gun videos? Advice is greatly appreciated.
  109. BATFE Nomination
  110. Don't mess with Texas DPS....
  111. Desprately seeking your guidance on a matter of great import
  112. Thank You!
  113. Quite a soul cleansing article about the MSM by one of its own
  114. Don't Wonder Why
  115. The babies are throwing a tantrum
  116. Here We Go
  117. Help a liberal out!!!
  118. All in favor say AYE #Calexit
  119. Remember To Say Bye
  120. Liberal Tears are the best!
  121. Post election meme time
  122. The gun market... Now what?
  123. President Trump
  124. Clay Higgins doing well in Politics
  125. Loooooonnnmnnnnng line to vote
  126. --Who do you think wins--
  127. skeeter
  128. Liberals are the real racists
  129. Virginia Governor pardons record number of felons in time to vote....
  130. Election
  131. UNBELIEVABLE!!! She squirms off the hook again NO CHARGES
  132. Time Change
  133. Ripping My Phone Out Of The Wall
  134. Looks like the Armed Forces may be turning into a summer camp
  135. Old Age
  136. Two Iowa police officers killed in 'ambush' attacks
  137. you have got to be kidding.
  138. Black Mirror Season 3 Ep. 5 features lots of SCAR action
  139. Optics Planet 10% off coupon
  140. GOOGLE knows the truth!
  141. NYU professor gets booted after complaining about PC culture
  142. Barry
  143. The Clintons A Crime Family
  144. This Is A Crappy Election
  145. Well, that's an interesting development...
  146. Early Voting
  147. Bundy's acquitted!
  148. Post deleted
  149. SCAR Heavy vs. BMW
  150. BMW fims "The Escape" features a SCAR 17S
  151. Latest A1C
  152. Gun insurance
  153. You Can't Please the Cheapos
  154. Look at what "Made in America" will get you!
  155. Took 15-year-old daughter to local handgun match
  156. Operation Task Force LLC Legit?
  157. Armatix at it again; trying to bring 9mm 'Smart' gun to US
  158. If you haven't seen I highly reccomend you do.
  159. Cyber Attack!
  160. You guys are going to love this one
  161. The ULTIMATE Millennial Handgun
  162. Heads up Dalton Fury Fans_He needs your positive thoughts
  163. This is what's headed for the whole country if Killery gets elected
  164. My thoughts on the election from an Oil and Gas Analysts Perspective
  165. HILLARY WIKILEAKS: Top 10 You Must Know
  166. Forum problem or IOS 10 problem? Help please.
  167. -- grail gun --
  168. How do we feel about Lanbos Armory?
  169. Some good news about our military
  170. Always too good to be true...?
  171. Hillary just sold a gun
  172. How come no one is going to jail over Wells Fargo Fraudulent accounts?
  173. Thank you famous actors for telling us how to vote
  174. Glock+watermelon juice
  175. Remember Hilary's cover ups os sexual scandles
  176. There's been another creepy clown sighting
  177. Are they really that Stupid??? ATF Agent says Airsoft Rifle can fire real bullets.
  178. Anyone here have experience with Stihl power products?
  179. Forum Help
  180. Hurricane Matthew
  181. Amen.
  182. Training for Gun Confiscation !
  183. Bass Pro Buys Cabelas!
  184. Upcoming FNH promotion
  185. Is my local gun store lying to me?
  186. Air Force Mandate Diversity Quotas In Candidate Pools For Key Positions
  187. Kim Kardashian West robbed at gunpoint in Paris
  188. Bullet time
  189. 2016 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
  190. Deceased WWII veteran registers to vote in Virginia
  191. USA Today breaks long standing editorial policy
  192. What is Trump really about? Watch this video and find out...
  193. Belgian Special Forces Group
  194. Think twice about stealing that yard sign..
  195. Congress rejects Obama veto on 9/11 bill
  196. Eye Protection with a Scope
  197. Joke: The Honeymoon
  198. Sometimes I have to be Politically Incorrect...
  199. Acute Back Pain!!!
  200. PSA seems to have some decent mags and ammo combos going on right now.
  201. The walking dead
  202. Jeff Dunham - Why we don't do Hillary Jokes...
  203. Washington state shooting....
  204. This makes as much sense as a whore in a prom dress
  205. Glock Fishing
  206. Hillary is closer to Hitler than trump
  207. HeartlandforTrump ad
  208. Diy camo job- know how
  209. If you haven't seen this t-shirt...
  210. Navy to start requiring "Transgender Education".....
  211. Got a Dewalt Miter Saw...
  212. Eight Injured in Minnesota Mall Stabbing; Suspect Reportedly Made References to Alla
  213. 29 hurt in Pressure cooker bomb explosion in NY
  214. Gas Stations out of Gas!
  215. FYI - World Cup Hockey starts today
  216. The First Nibble
  217. WWII Survivor Warns of SOCIALISM and GUN CONTROL!
  218. Mexico Builds A "Wall" (And Guess Who Paid For It)
  219. Cheaper than Dirt dishonest sales tactics
  220. First female soldier in Green Beret training fails to complete the course
  221. Army to pay for sex change for Bradley Manning, the convicted wiki leaks soldier
  222. We have a new Darwin Award candidate
  223. Name that snake!
  224. 1000 Rifle Shooting Event
  225. Hillary Clinton leaves the 9/11 ceremony
  226. Sailor disrespects flag in social video; now the Navy is punishing her.
  227. Sniper dog needs a spotter...
  228. Hillary Clinton lip sinks with ear piece when speaking publicly!
  229. Star Trek turns 50
  230. Hitlery defended Rapist of 12 year old girl
  231. Operator so tactical he doesn't need to see his sights
  232. Just got the news!
  233. Anyone use Lubriplate SFL-0 Gun Grease?
  234. Hurricane Hermine: A Great Evening Ahead
  235. If you need a little chuckle check this out
  236. Respect for our flag
  237. Cinemark wins against Aurora lawsuit!
  238. Cop shoots himself in the foot through stupidity, then sues Glock
  239. Hillary Supporters Endorse SHARIA LAW in AMERICA!
  240. Female Cops From Around the World
  241. FBI Uncovers Benghazi Emails Involving Clinton, State Department Says
  242. Only $649,420.00
  243. Life under a Hillary Administration - the silver lining...
  244. Minnesota had a gun buy back
  245. Took 2nd place in Open division at local "supershoot"
  246. Federal 223 Walmart ammo is TERRIBLE!
  247. 49ers Fan’s Fiery Response to Colin Kaepernick
  248. Weekend Project
  249. Tomi Lahren speaks the truth
  250. Where Texas would rank in Olympic medal count if the state was its own country