I need 2 early Gen 3 9mm extractors.

I don't like the new Gen 4 ones and want to replace them.

I will trade money (I have Paypal), or a box of ss197 or ss195, new, your choice, for 2 Glock 9mm early Gen 3 extractors.

They have to be the early generation, not any new releases for the Gen 3 or Gen 4. I don't care to mess with aftermarket extractors, I know they might work.

If you want a box of 5.7 x 28mm ammunition for it, I'll trade. I'll also throw in an EA Trident S5. Two of them if you have two extractors. Two of the Trident rounds went for $100 on Gunbroker.

You can take 2 of these 9mm extractors off of your G17's, G19's etc.

Once I verify that they are the Gen 3 early variant extractors, I'll put the ammunition in the mail to you