WTB:PWS SRX Rail for experimentation(rough condition okay)$75-$140

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    WTB:PWS SRX Rail for experimentation(rough condition okay)$75-$140

    Hey Guys,
    I am looking for a PWS-SRX Rail Extension for my SCAR 17S to experiment with. It can be scratched, rails can be marred, finish can be rough or covered in spraypaint no worries. My only requirement is that the internal mounting block and sling swivel sockets be in good condition with no stripped screws of damaged interfaces.

    If you have one collecting dust or have been wanting to raise money to put toward one of those awesome new MI Keymod Extensions now is your chance to recoup some of your investment even if you thought it was too thrashed because of a hasty camo paintjob or rail damage from an out of spec picatinny mount that chewed up rails or slots.

    Of course I am open to perfectly unblemished SRX rails as well and will pay more for a nicer specimen($75-$140 depending on condition).

    Let me know what you have and let's make a deal!

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