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    Newbie with a question or two

    Hi. I'm new here. I have a few questions and this place was recommended as a good place to seek those answers. I'll try asking them here first.
    1. I own both the FNP-9 and the FNP-40 and would like to get a shoulder holster for them. Something lightweight. I haven't been able to find anything that is made specifically for those models and a few of the generic ones that I have tried which appear they they MIGHT work based on the size, haven't fit because of the accesory rail on the gun. If somebody could direct to a URL where I could buy one, I'd greatly appreciate it.
    2. As I already mentioned above, I already own the FNP-9 & FNP-40 and was saving up for the FNP-9M in DAO as my next purchase but it is no longer on the website. Does anybody know what's going on? Is the gun still available? Why was it pulled from the website? Is / was there a problem with it? Etc.? Is it coming back? Should I wait for it?
    ... Thanks in advance.

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    Can't answer your queries, but welcome, nonetheless!!!
    Some knowledgeable members will provide you the answers for which you seek!


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    I'd check the FNP accessories section, I think there are a few lenghty holster threads, you might find something in there.

    As for the FNP9M status, I know nothing. I'd be very interested in what FN has to say though.
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