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    Anti CNN = Anti Government

    April 15, 2009
    CNN reporter berates tea party interviewee
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    Reports from the MSM are that tea parties are merely assemblages of angry, perplexed people with vague messages, so, "back to you, Chet, with the weekend weather roundup. Yawn."

    The MSM is either scared or ignorant. Angry masses, with a seemingly vague message, are what coalesce into political parties. A party formed from what we are witnessing today would be an extremely powerful one, because it would not only include independents, but it could potentially include democrats.

    Many Democrats have chosen their party because what it makes them, not because of who they actually are. Who wouldn't want to be part of the self-described "kind party?" The fast track to moral superiority will always attract a fair share of the lazy, but the laziest moralists are not necessarily all dumb. There is a tipping point to free virtue. I would hope that even the most vacuous would eventually realize that being bribed for votes with your own money makes little sense. Especially when that vote is for less freedom.

    Today a CNN reporter sneered at, berated, mocked and debated a peaceful protestor who was trying to explain why he felt compelled to take to the streets. She wondered aloud if he was aware that the government was giving him 400 bucks! (Of his own money.)

    This attitude, this disdain for ordinary folk, this myopically challenged inclination on the part of the MSM is stunning. I would think the most centered among the democrats should be ready to jump from this state of soft despotism that we currently find ourselves in, especially when they see the fourth estate actively suppressing dissent.

    Update - Clarice Feldman writes that Doug Ross has some good comments:

    CNN: "Alright, we'll move on... (to audience) I think you get the general tenor of this, uh, it's anti-government, anti-CNN, since this is highly promoted by the rightwing conservative network Fox and... since I can't really hear much more, I think this... is not really family viewing, toss it back to you, Kera."

    CNN says Fox is a "rightwing conservative network?"

    How "rightwing" could Fox be if it gets more viewers than CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and Headline News -- combined?

    Based on those numbers, who are the centrists and who are the extremists?

    Compare and contrast that mainstream media coverage with that afforded Cindy Sheehan and her cohorts at the radical antiwar group Code Pink. Cindy Sheehan's protests near President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch drew but a few dozen protesters.

    These tiny gatherings garnered more than a hundred mentions in The New York Times and "reporting" that could have been mistaken for a Code Pink infomercial.

    Brought to you by CNN - Communist News Network.

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    WOW! Guess if you don't sit down, shut up, and take it your a government hating right wing extremist. What's next affiliation with terrorists oh wait they did that last week.

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    Whatever happened to unbiased reporters?

    The liberal media is aweful.

    At least my local news stations are decent.

    "I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker."

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