Elite Ammunition Market Price Opinion? [wanted to fairly price on Market Place]

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Thread: Elite Ammunition Market Price Opinion? [wanted to fairly price on Market Place]

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    Elite Ammunition Market Price Opinion? [wanted to fairly price on Market Place]

    I found a .50 box with 12 boxes of Elite Ammunition in it and 2 boxes of SS192 doing a bit of early spring cleaning (sold my Five Seven years ago and forgot about them).

    Any takers on providing their thoughts on market value per box of the below, please?
    • Trident S5, 32gr PFP (6 boxes of 20)
    • S4 Ultra RapTOR (2 boxes of 50)
    • ProtecTOR (2 boxes of 50)
    • PenetraTOR (2 boxes of 40)
    • SS192 (2 boxes of 50)

    This isn't a solicitation for sale and I'm asking subject matter experts as:

    • I don't need the ammo any longer, so I figured I would post on the Market Place, but
    • Market Place rules = "All ads must include a price," and
    • since I really have no clue as to a fair market value today, and
    • since another thread asked for the forum's price opinion on his collection [1] (figured I would do the same), therefore
    • at the risk of getting flamed for asking the question, there really is no better audience to answer the question than you.


    I snapped some photos since everything is better with pics (and because they were requested in that thread I referenced).

    Thanks in advance!

    Trident S5, 32gr PFP

    S4 Ultra RapTOR



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    I am not an ammo collector but my sense is not worth more than brand new current offerings from Elite or elsewhere. The T6b is more effective than the Trident, the other ammo is old and I don't know if it ha all of the brass issues that Jay has sorted out since.
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    Check out gunbroker for more recent but past auctions. It will help with pricing.

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    EA only up until a couple of years ago used the brass they manufactured. Anything that old is FN brass that they'd buy loaded rounds and pull the ammo down.

    The protector and S4UR are priced probably as their current offerings, as well as the penetrator. They still make all three.

    S5. You could probably easily get $2/rd. If the timing is right over $5

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