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Thread: First range day with FiveseveN

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    First range day with FiveseveN

    Got to take the FiveseveN and PS90 to the range today for the first time. Had a lot of fun. Had some thoughts:

    1. the magazine springs on both Weapons were STIFF. Iím hoping that they will break in. Think I was loading 18-19 rounds in the factory mags.

    2. The slide on the FiveseveN was less stiff after cleaning it but with my injury weakened hands I still had a hard time. Didnít notice it when I shot a friendís FiveseveN so I am assuming it will break in.

    3. Outside of my wifeís first round, we hit center mass on the target every time so Iím confident we can stop a person than means us harm.

    bonus: wife is looking to conceal carry. Shot the 9mm and 380 version of the S&W Shield EZ automatics. She really liked the 380 and really didnít like the 9. She would have picked up the 380 but they didnít have the version without the thumb safety. They were picked pretty clean and said they could reliably order one for her. Theyíll call when they get one in stock. She didnít want the purple one they had :eye roll:.
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    Glad to hear you had your first range experience and your enjoying your new Five-seveN Couple more range sessions and everything will loosen up!

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    Glad you had an enjoyable first range session! More rounds and it'll loosen up just fine.
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