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Thread: Real FN 197 Ammo ? Real or ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffman View Post
    The sticker on the SS197SR boxes was never a gauranteed thing.
    Correct. I've had cases where every box had a sticker, and cases where none of the boxes had one.

    All of the white boxes of SS195 are sealed, I've never seen a blue box so I can't say about them.

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    What is interesting is the old saying "if it seems too good to be true it probably isn't", which is the direct opposite of what might be happening.. In these possible cases it is not a question of "being too good to be true"--it is just a case of being "taken"--greed is a strong stimulus in many people. Personally, ya gotta be crazy to spend the bucks being asked. I've got my "good stuff" and it is, like fine wine, reserved for "special occasions" and that someone special who wants to come into my home unannounced.

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    Open a box and post a good resolution picture of some of the ammo and some people can tell if its reloads or not.

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    Recently bought 25 boxes of 5.7 197. Only about 10 of the boxes were sealed. All are new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosiefn View Post
    Methinks the real "thinking" here is "are these boxes of 197 just reloads?" I am no expert by a long ways but if you have the bullets from days gone by or even can get them today, what are the odds, at $60-70 per box that you can collect or have collected your cartridges and reload them and then pass them off as true 197s. A bit of money can be made for sure. When prices on literally anything go up exponentially, greed and ingenuity follow. Is this a real possiblity? Just curious and asking.
    I doubt they're reloads. Even at 70 a box the things are so damn hard to reload that you'd spot a reload in a heart beat with a semi trained eye. But I did almost get fooled in Thailand...but that's another story

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