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Thread: FnP tac light help needed!

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    FnP tac light help needed!

    Hello everyone I recently got a fnp9 and have been looking at tac lights. I have a few questions. Hopefully someone can help me. The main thing I'm looking for is a light that will work with a trigger switch (DG switch) the only option I've seen is the sure fire x300 ultra. Does anyone know of any other options that would work with my handgun? I've also been looking at the streamlight tlr-1 HL but don't know if their trigger switch will fit my gun..

    I saw the DG 16 and DG 13 worked for the FNX does that mean they'd work for the fnp?

    Any ideas or knowledge would be greatly appreciated

    If this is in the wrong forum feel free to move it. Thanks

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    just got the TLR-1 HL its awesome ! get it you will love it
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    You might want to read up on this article:
    The Weaponlight Boogey Man | Officer.com
    There's a research paper published Force Science News that asserts that grip switches are dangerous because under stress, shooters (in particular LEOs) can't always maintain strict trigger discipline and that sympathetic response (meaning you squeeze with one finger all of your fingers apply pressure) and digits confusion could potentially result in negligent discharge when they meant to turn on the light. Personally I have experienced the reverse of this with my kimber which used to have a Crimson Trace laser grip; I would inadvertently turn on the laser when squeezing the trigger.

    I think this is why you rarely see grip pressure switches anymore. Most modern handgun lights put the switch right at your trigger finger resting position, so you don't risk inadvertently pull the trigger when you're fumbling with the light.
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