Cleaning Gun, pressed trigger with slide removed.

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Thread: Cleaning Gun, pressed trigger with slide removed.

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    Cleaning Gun, pressed trigger with slide removed.

    Hello All,

    I read somewhere that if you take the slide off, and push the trigger, your trigger mechanism could snap. I'm a bit concerned because when I was cleaning the frame of my FNS-9C (without the slide attatched), I accidentally pushed my trigger forward reactivating it, then just pulled it back to the pulled position. Can this damage the frame? Should i be worried? I don't see any blatant signs of damage, but I'm new to guns and am not sure if I would notice it.

    Thank you!

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    I've never heard that before regarding the trigger mechanism, nor do I remember anything being mentioned in the owners manual regarding it. But I can assure you, don't worry, you didn't harm anything. I just took my full size FNS apart and looked at it. I can see nothing that could be damaged. And yes, I pushed and reset the trigger a couple times while the slide was removed. But I've put mine back together and all is working fine. Now on rifles, like AR's and our SCAR's, you don't want to pull the trigger and let the hammer fall onto the lower's frame - I'm wondering if that might be what you are referring to. But don't worry - you didn't harm your pistol. As always after putting your pistol back together, or rifle...rack it, pull the trigger, make sure it resets, and check to make sure your safety is working if you have one. Just insures you didn't do something silly wrong while putting it back together. All is fine, carry on...
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    I think you may be right canyon. They may have been talking about a hammer. With a hammer, that could snap something?

    Also, thanks for the thorough response! Everything seems to be working on it.

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    I think you may be right canyon. They may have been talking about a hammer. With a hammer, that could snap something?
    It's most likely to be an issue with a gun with a hammer. With some hammer-fired guns, pulling the trigger when the slide is off, causes the shank of the hammer to hit the frame. In those cases, it's not likely to harm the frame, but it could damage the hammer. (With some guns, like the small hammer-fired Kel-Tec or Ruger pocket guns, it can even be a problem with the slide installed -- and there is a warning in the owner's manual to NOT pull the trigger when the slide isn't installed, AND not to dry fire those guns without a snap cap when it is installed.)

    With a striker-fired gun like the FNS pulling the trigger when the slide is off doesn't do much except stretch or compress some springs in the trigger linkage. The trigger is, in effect, a simple lever, and the more complex parts of the fire-control system are in the slide. Because the striker assembly is IN the slide, and there's nothing that can happen to that part of the gun when it's off the frame. The fact that you don't see a warning in the Owner's Manual is a hint that damage due to that kind of trigger action (when the gun is assembled or disassembled) is not something FNH has apparently ever been concerned about.

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